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  1. Re: 06-13-1970 Baltimore Source 1st Stereo Upgrade

    Here's a "WeTransfer" link that is valid for only 7 days (because it's a freebie).
  2. Re: 1970-04-25 LA Forum [FD 3 Source Cleanup and Merge - 2020 Version]

    WeTransfer link ~ Valid for 7 days
  3. Re: 1970-04-25 LA Forum [FD 3 Source Cleanup and Merge - 2020 Version]

    I always look forward to a funkydrummer clean up, Thank you
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    Re: Nuernberg 1969-01-16

    Firstly email "goother" ~ He'll get you in.

    Secondly "WeTransfer" link valid for 7 days to download now.
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    Re: Jimi Hendrix ATM 113 Newport Revisited

    Seeding now :)
  6. Re: 1968-02-03 Winterland Arena, San Francisco, California, USA (2nd source, 24-bit)

    "WeTransfer" link valid for 7 days...

    I hope this is the right version. It looks to be (I rename folders)...
  7. Re: Lifelines: The Jimi Hendrix Story (Where to Find)

    Works for me, Thank you.
  8. Re: 1965-01-29 Fort Worth, Skyliner Ballroom, 2238 Jacksboro Highway, TX

    Intriguing that the last one says Friday ~ Little Richard
    Saturday ~ New Years eve party

    Thank you.
  9. Re: The wind cries Mary October 1967 colour footage promo video for french T.V

    No (well, I don't actually know, as I don't have Firefox to see whether it works), but... along the bottom of the play bar there are the various options (by default it is set at 480 ~...
  10. Re: The wind cries Mary October 1967 colour footage promo video for french T.V

    Video-downloadhelper extension also works with Google Chrome and pulls down the 1080p (.mp4) @ 2.193 GB
    In case anyone asks... No you don't get the "" stamp over it.
  11. Re: Bummer On Zelzah Avenue

    Assuming you're on Windows 10 ? Unzip the folder (right click > extract all ~ ensure "show all files after extraction" is ticked).
    Drag and drop the resulting .flac files into Windows media player /...
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    Re: Some Links to Recent Work etc

    Unfortunately this requires a decryption key and the second link that you give is not the merge version

    Thank you in advance if you can do something with the merge version link.
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    Re: Some Links to Recent Work etc

    Thank you for the additions to your post, quoted in case anyone else nearly missed the updates...
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    Re: Life without the tracker.

    Mixdown Masters [Volumes 1-4] : Valid for 7 days
  15. Thread: The Future?

    by shnfoobar

    Re: The Future?

    I am certainly up for discussions on this. Thank you for bringing it to the fore.

    1) I am assuming that money is the problem.

    If that is the case, then the long term future for the site must be...
  16. Re: 1967-03-26 BBC Studios, "Easy Beat" show - Cancelled?

    I would have expected the Radio Times to have cited JHE if scheduled.
    There may be other listings (eg Daily papers) along with the "DISC & MUSIC ECHO" and "New Musical Express" as cited in the first...
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    Re: I can't connect to the tracker?

    Basically the tracker is off-line, has been for months and will probably stay like that until somebody comes along with enough cash to throw at it. (I may be wrong and apologize in advance if I am)....
  18. Re: 1967-03-26 BBC Studios, "Easy Beat" show - Cancelled?

    First I've heard of it but certainly I have them at the BBC on the 28th

    1967-03-28) Recordings for 'Saturday Club', BBC radio

    For: BBC, Saturday Club Program
    Recorded On: March 28, 1967...
  19. Re: Jimi Hendrix 5CD Box Set of '70 Fillmore East Concerts Due Nov. 22, 2019

    Thank you bigzig71, hope it's ok to quote you from elsewhere.
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    Re: Jimi Hendrix - Mixdown Masters [Volumes 1-4]

    You got me at "Found" but unfortunately these lead to .mp3 tracks rather than lossless files.
    It's the thought that counts so "Thank you" and welcome to Crosstown torrents.
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    Re: Long hot summer night

    Bravo, Thank you. I'll be bookmarking this !
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    Re: Room Full of Mirrors (rehearsal) Baltimore

    I'm pretty sure that this is

    1970-06-13 Baltimore 5th source

    but I'm prepared to be wrong if directed otherwise !

    Unfortunately, DHT, Local Peer Discovery and Peer Exchange are all disabled...
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    Re: Keep One Change One

    Hooker ('n') Heat
  24. Re: 10.09.1967 - Stora Salen, 1st show (The Swedish Shows Vol.3 - Supplement)

    Except of course when it's a case like this where perseverance has paid off and the torrent has completed. Thank you to our benefactor !
    Anyone who wants to finish... come and get it !
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    Re: 1970-06-13 Baltimore 3rd source

    I was stuck at 99.9% with 1 seeder showing but passing a bad piece. Thank you to my benefactor for completion.
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