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Thread: 1966-12-16 Polydor release Hey Joe in UK

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    1966-12-16 Polydor release Hey Joe in UK

    Friday 16 December 1966, UK.
    Polydor release the first ‘Jimi Hendrix Experience’ single “Hey Joe” b/w “Stone Free”.
    Hey Joe's composer is given as (Trad. arr. Hendrix); publisher is: Yameta. On early pressings the label credit was just ‘Jimi Hendrix’ [no ‘Experience’]. Note the hand written date (and ‘A’) on one, ‘25-11-66’. It seems that Radio London, or whoever, could have been playing advance promo copies from at leat this date?

    Friday 16 December 1966
    NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS, (page ?). Advert: ‘BOXING DAY FOR ALL THE FAMILY’ [ha-ha-ha! Ed.]Monday afternoon 26th December THE JIMMI [sic] HENDRIX EXPERIENCE 26 December The Upper Cut [a new club owned by an ex-boxer;-) Ed.], London.
    [Also featured in it’s opening week among others were the Who, Eric Burdon & the Animals, Geno Washington, the Spencer Davis Group and the Pretty Things. Otis Redding & Sam & Dave also played there in 1967. Ed.]

    Friday 16 December 1966
    DISC & MUSIC ECHO (page ?): ‘Jimmy Hendrix on ‘Ready Steady’ by [unknown]: JIMMY HENDRIX, American soul singer managed by former Animal bassist Chas Chandler features his first single, “Hey Joe” on tonight’s “Ready, Steady, Go!”
    [Recorded Tuesday 13 December 1966, ‘Ready Steady Go’, Rediffusion TV, Studio 5, Wembley. JHE
    Rediffusion TV broadcast this live recording of Hey Joe on 16th. Penultimate RSG show. No recordings are known to exist.]
    Jimmy, who formerly played for Ike and Tina Turner [not!], goes on the road with his own trio, the Jimmy Hendrix Experience, this month. He appears at London’s
    Blaises club (21). Southampton (22) Hounslow’s Ricky Tick (23), and Forest Gate’s Upper Cut discotheque (26).
    Appearing on the last "Ready Steady Go!” on December 23 are Eric Burdon, Alan Price, Dave Dee, Paul Jones, the Who, Donovan, the Spencer Davis Group and Kenny Lynch. Also appearing, but not performing, are Dusty Springfield, Keith Relf, and Paul Samwell-Smith. Other artists are being booked.
    (Page?) ‘Scene’: [...] appearance of Ben E. King at London's Scotch Of St. James Club on Friday included John Lennon and Cynthia, Georgie Fame and fiancee Carmen, Eric Burdon and
    Hilton Valentine, Four Tops, Bobby Darin, Who's manager Kit Lambert.
    Didn’t Tony Hall have tears [...]
    At Young Rascals' London Scotch Of St. James Club debut on Thursday: Paul McCartneyand John Dunbar, Chas Chandler, Eric Burdon, Keith Moon, Seeker Keith Potger, Brian Epstein, Bill Wyman, Jonathan King.

    Saturday 17 December 1966
    SOUTHERN EVENING ECHO (page?), [ad for a ‘Ricky Tick’ club dance date] Southampton Guildhall Thursday December 22, “Everybody Will Dance” Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band, plus the Jimmy Hendrick’s [sic] Experience”.
    Tickets in advance 8/-, Cheque, P.O., S.A.E. Something Else Promotions, 1B High Street, Hounslow, Middlesex. [Note: the address is that of the ‘home’ Ricky Tick club. Ed.]

    Sunday 18 December 1966
    RADIO LONDON {broadcast}, ‘Fab Forty’ presented by Ed ‘Stew pot’ Stewart (later BBC Radio 1 DJ):
    2nd week in RL’s chart! Hey Joe is not listed on any other chart yet as it was only released two days before.
    07-01. Sunshine Superman - Donovan
    01-02. Morningtown Ride - Seekers
    08-03. Save Me - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
    05-04. If Every Day Was Like Christmas - Elvis Presley
    23-05. Happy Jack - Who
    02-06. Dead End Street - Kinks
    12-07. Any Way That You Want Me - Troggs
    32-08. Deadlier Than The Male - Walker Brothers
    10-09. Pamela Pamela - Wayne Fontana
    33-10. Mustang Sally - Wilson Pickett
    22-11. Hang On To A Dream - Tim Hardin
    24-12. In The Country - Cliff Richard & the Shadows
    29-13. (I Know) I'm Losing You - Temptations
    91-04. Walk With Faith In Your Heart - Bachelors
    25-15. I Feel Free - Cream
    04-16. You Keep Me Hangin' On - Supremes
    28-16. Night Of Fear - Move
    NE–17. Under New Management - Barron Knights
    NE–18. My Girl, The Month Of May - Dion & the Belmonts
    16-18. My Mind's Eye - Small Faces
    03-19. I'm Ready For Love - Martha & the Vandellas
    14-20. Yes Virginia There Is A Santa Claus - Neil Spence
    18-21. I've Got To Hold On - Peddlers
    27-22. Going Nowhere - Los Bravos
    39-23. When Will The Good Apples Fall - Ronnie Hilton
    31-24. Missy Missy - Paul & Barry Ryan
    NE–25. Listen To My Heart - Bats
    NE–26. Too Many Fish In The Sea - Young Rascals
    NE–27. Behind The Door - Cher
    NE–28. Oh What A Fool - Peter Lee Stirling
    31-29. The Star Of The Show (The La La Song) - Zoot Money's Big Roll Band
    NE–30. Progress - Pretty Things
    NE–30. Listen To The River Roll Along - Wee Willie Harris
    17-31. Green Green Grass Of Home - Tom Jones
    29-31. I See The Light - Simon Dupree & the Big Sound
    30-32. When I See My Baby - Studio Six
    NE–33. Baby Do The Philly Dog - Olympics
    NE–34. Sugar Town - Nancy Sinatra
    34-34. Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix Experience
    35-35. The Proud One - Frankie Valli
    NE–36. Make Believe - Jason Deane
    NE–37. Single Girl - Sandy Posey
    NE–37. Sitting In The Park - Georgie Fame
    38-38. Always Waitin' - Barry Benson
    37-38. Gotta Get Out Of The Mess I'm In - Young Idea
    35-39. Sitting In A Ring - Ebony Keyes
    36-39. Something Inside Of Me Died - Gene Latter
    NE–40. Baby Tomorrow - Paul Jones
    [“Baby Tomorrow” did not get the chance to enter the national newspaper charts, as Paul
    Jones's record label, Fontana, failed to issue it as a UK single!. Ed.]
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    Re: 1966-12-16 Polydor release Hey Joe in UK

    Original label credits, note it's just 'Jimi Hendrix' not 'Jimi Hendrix Experience'. The all black text label is, I am told, the 1st pressing, the ones with 'Polydor' in white are later. HJ composer is credited as, 'Trad. Arr. Hendrix' and publisher is 'Yameta', ie following Tim Rose's bogus claim that the song was traditional so he could claim royalties. After a third label change, same white 'Polydor', the peformer was finally credited, 'Jimi Hendrix Experience'; the composer was still 'Trad. Arr. Hendrix', publisher 'Yameta'. It was only after a fourth label change that the 'Trad. Arr. scam was dropped and 'W. Roberts' was finally credited, but had the publisher as 'April Music' when the actual publisher is Third Story Music - possibly this was under licence, or subsidiary, or another scam? Track Records though, in 1968 on 'Smash Hits', started crediting Dino 'Valenti' (who had lost his early claim in 1966!) and 'Paradox' as publisher! Looks like more shady dealings:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Re: 1966-12-16 Polydor release Hey Joe in UK

    I'm listening to a Playlist of those tunes that were charting when Hey Joe was released. Lots of fun. Thanks!


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