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Thread: 1963~05-XX Nashville, Del Morocco, Tennessee

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    1963~05-XX Nashville, Del Morocco, Tennessee

    [Date? summer?] 1963
    Nashville, Del Morocco, 2417 Jefferson Street, TN
    Jimmy is with the King Kasuals.

    Billy Cox: "I remember, in the early days, we had a job in a club called the Del Morocco here in Nashville. I think we went on at nine. Nine o'clock, no Jimmy, ten o'clock, no Jimmy. We're starting to get a little worried, so I run up to the house where he lives, knocked on the door. He says, 'Come in'. I go in, he's lying there, and I go, 'Hey, Jimmy, you're late for the gig'. He says, 'I dreamed the gig was cancelled so I went back to sleep'.

    “We lived on Jefferson Street up above Joyce’s House Of Glamour*… Funny story that. The lady that owned that house, Miss-ah, Miss Harris I think, and she had some kids but… Jimmy’s girlfriend [Joyce] lived up stairs. So you turned the stairs an’ look there was his bedroom. So I knocked out, we were at the Del Morocco which is three blocks down the street. Said, ‘Hey Jimmy’s supposed to be here but where is he?’ ‘I don’ know.’ So pretty soon a half an hour goes bye, he’s half an hour late. I said, ‘Man, I’m gonna run on up there an get him.’ So I go up and knock on the door of Miss Harris’ an’ I said, ‘Is Jimmy in?’ ‘Yes, yes he’s probably up there.’ So I go up an’ knock, ‘Hey man.’ And so Jimmy looks at me, he said, ‘You know, I woke up and dreamed the gig was cancelled, so I went back to sleep.’ I said, ‘Woah-oh,’ I said, ‘You’d better get your clothes on and get down here!’ Ha-ha-ha that’s funny.

    *A hair dressing school owned By Theodore Acklen, owner of the Del Morocco.

    “But an average day was I’d wake him up and knock on his door. And sometime he’s layin’ there with his guitar on his stomach where he had practised all night until he fell asleep, after the gig. And then we’d get up an’ get a little bite to eat, and we’d hang out. An’ he’s walkin’ down the street playin’ his guitar, he was, ih’-puh’, he put 25 years in, in five years. He put 25 years in his guitar, ‘cause it was a night and day affair. And he knew where he was goin’ an’ what he wanted to do in life, so he was preparing himself, and I saw that happen.
    And-eh a lot of times I would-uh profit by what he’d done, ‘Oh, well, this chord here, yeah, you,’ ‘Oh, now, yeah, yeah.’ So he’d-he’d, you know. He’d-he-he’d, but he stayed up all night long, just practising, practice, practice. And we, we played, maybe, sometimes to two, two thirty in the morning, he’d go, go up to his room.
    Then, but when him and Joyce his girlfriend, was from Springfield, when she would come in he didn’t do a lot o’, you know, a lot of practising then. He didn’t want to wake her up, but that’s a lot of, lot of time.
    Then he’d walk down the streets playing, and people weren’t used to seeing that. Here’s a guy they’d see from time to time who would walk down the street, go to a movie show, picture show, and go inside, and he’s pluckin’ with no amp, but he’s getting his fingers together, come out and he’s still playin’. So, you know, people have names for people that do things like that [eg ‘Marbles’. Ed.], and they don’t understand, y’-kno’. That was here in Nashville. I was right behind him, most of the time we were together. So a lot of the times they’d see me, no I didn’t walk down the street with my bass, but-ah, ah when they’d see him the most time they’d see me, or they’d say, they’d call me Jimmy and call him Billy, you know. ‘Cause we, we came here together, and then when they came to the clubs they saw us on stage, you know. So we-we, we had a lot in common we were about the same age, an’ we came up in the same ty’-with the same type of family, an’ ah-we had a lot, awful lot in common, an’…
    The thing that was really great about coming to Nashville was the fact that he listened to WLAC with [Bill] ‘Hoss’ Allen, John [‘John R’] Richbourg [both, along with Gene Nobles, inducted into the ‘Blues Hall of Fame’], Herman Grizzard, Ernie’s Record Mart [sponsor]. But he said that sometimes it would come in a wave and then it would descend and then it come right back up in, say ah-maybe, ten minutes - he said right in the middle of a song he was enjoyin’ it would heh-heh-descend. Now I’m up in West Virginia, my father’s a preacher, ‘You can’t bring that crap in the house.’ So I built a crystal radio set with the earphones, plugged it to my-ah springs, the first time I took that pin an’ put it on the top of that crystal, ‘I’m down for Royal Crown in Nashville Tenn’-that was Hoss Allen. So we listen’-I listen’-we were listening at the same time to a lot of the songs of that era, ah-from our homes. So we had an upbringing kin’-o’-kind of the same, that’s why we gravitated to each other. [Songs we played were] Well, hurmph, eh-Soul Twist by King Curtis-ah, by that time we, Booker T and the MGs were a big thing, with Steve Cropper and all the fellows, and songs of that, of that, that, that time. And they were great songs, and we-we, we perfected them. A lot of times when you have-ah-ah, and most mus’-musicians will testify to the fact, even if you might not know the song, if you’re playing in the, in the club, and you’re doing 45 on, 15 off, and you’re doing that all week long, the first two or three nights you’re practising, by the fourth or fifth night, you know, you are… so it’s […?] practise play, practise perfect, practise perfect, practise play, all the time.”

    People nicknamed him Marbles, because he'd walk up the street playing an electric guitar, he'd play it in the show, and he'd play it coming back from the theatre."

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