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Thread: 06. GYPSY EYES (Different song) 2 takes

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    06. GYPSY EYES (Different song) 2 takes

    GYPSY EYES [Different song take 1]

    For you my love I’d give anything
    Even diamond ring
    Touched me where I asked for, baby
    I ain’t gettin’ anything
    I ain’t gettin’ anything

    Here the sun comes, red glow
    Gypsy eyes follow me y’all
    What can I do
    Where can I go-oh-ho-oh
    I ain’t got a soul
    Ain’t got a soul

    Gypsy eye-es
    Gypsy eye-es
    Gypsy eye-es
    Gypsy yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yea-ea-eah

    Ain’t got time
    Ain’t got ti-ime, yeah
    Help me out, Lord, I ain’t got ti-ime

    You got me up
    Hang upsi-ide down
    You got me so weary
    You got me-e so
    You got me so, where I can’t get on

    Gypsy eye-es
    Gypsy eye-es
    Gypsy eye-e-es

    Mmm-mm-mm-hmm- yeah...[etc.]

    GYPSY EYES [Different song take 2]


    Too, too, too…[etc.]
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