From Jimiís exercise book of lyrics:

Voodoo Chile PT 1
and slightly return

the night I was born -
Lord, the moon turned a fire red.
My poor mother cried, the gypsie was right,
And she fell right down dead

Mountain lions found me there waiting
and set me on an eagleís wing
He took me past the outskirts of infinity
And when he brought me back
he gave me venus witchís ring.
And he said fly on solo adlib,
youíre on your own
And Iím a Voodoo Chile ó

Well, I make love to you in your sleep
And Lord knows you felt no pain.
Well, I make love to you
And God knows, you felt no pain.
I am could be a million miles
And right here inside your picture frame.

My arrows are made of desires
From far away as Jupiter sulphur
Mines. I have a humming bird
That hums so loud until it makes
You think youíre loseing your mind

Well I float in liquid Gardens
In Arizonas new red sands
I taste the honey from a flower name
Blue from in California
And New York drowns as we held hands.