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    Words scored out on MS are in square brackets + italic here.
    On 3 sheets of plain white notepaper, in blue ball pen~:

    STRATE AHEAD [untitled pages]

    8 for 1st

    1. Have you heard — what the
    wind’s blowing round
    Have you heard [the] all
    the people is comeing right on
    down –

    Communication. .. is comeing on
    strong —
    it don’t give a damn.... if your
    hair is short or long —

    [just] get out of your grave
    Everybody is dancing in the street —
    Do what you know (and don’t be slow)
    practice what you preach

    Cause it’s time for you and
    me — Come to face reality.
    forget about the past Babe…
    thing’s ain’t what they use
    to be —(Keep it straight ahead) Break

    We got to stand up, side by side;
    got to stand together and
    organise —
    power to the people, freedom
    [for] of the soul —
    pass it on to the young and old.


    you got to tell the children
    the thruth… [An] they don’t need a
    whole lot of lies . . .
    [You got to dig yourself]
    Because one of [they’ll] these
    Times they’ll be running things
    [So when you give them love you better]
    [let it shine]

    [So] So when you give them
    love and you better make it right
    [Man] Woman and child, man and wife
    the best love to have is the love
    of Life
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