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    Okay, try from there, try from there.
    One, two, three, four…
    This is the slow part…
    Try from there.
    One, two, three, four...
    We’re in E, E the D then F sharp…
    One more time. One, two, three, four...
    No, you do it two times quick in a row
    One more time. One, two, three, four...
    Then you come in right into that. Yeah?
    And again. One, two, three (Oh!) Yeah...
    Na don’t do it, don’t, do-do it so much then, not that deng, deng, deng.
    No, then you just cut off of the track when I’m singin’.
    No, you don’t do that yet, we’ll run through this, you know, or even do it two times, just go...
    Then we’ll do the F when you follow the intro…

    … I fee-eel the ocean swayin’ me
    Washin’ away all of my pain-uh
    See where I-I used to be wounded
    Remember the scar
    Now you can’t feel a thing
    And I don’t feel no pai-ain

    Singin’ about the val…

    …Yeah, you have to play that part you know…You’re messing up timing though…Yeah…


    Lord, I fee-eel the ocean swayin’ me
    Washin’ away all my pain-uh
    See where I-I used to be wounded, ha-ha
    Remember the scar
    Now you can’t see a thi-ing
    And I don’t feel no pain, no, no

    Hey, singin’ about the valleys of sunrise
    Green and blue-ue canyons too
    I’m singin’ about Atlantis love songs
    Valleys of Neptune is risin’, risin’, risin’-uh

    Mercury liquid, emerald shinin’
    They’re showin’ me where I came from, baby
    Honey Sun, turquoise be-ed he lays in
    On the burnin’ edged horizon

    I’m sailin’ on a bluebirds mission
    Bubbles and curls and tiptoes in the foa-oam
    See the wind make love to all the ocean
    Tidal wave spread and the message got home
    And the message got ho-ome, hey, yeah

    I’m singin’ about Atlantis love songs
    Keep the Moon ships fly-yin’, fly-yin’
    Singin’ about the valleys of our Moon
    Valleys of Neptune is risin’, risin’
    Valleys of Neptune is risin’, risin’
    Valleys of Neptune is. . .
    Rise on, baby, rise on, right on
    Woo-oo, hoo-oo-oo, ri-i-ise...ri-ise, baby darlin’
    Look out East Coast your gonna have a neighbour
    Rebirth la-and home of the praying sand
    And we know there were three continents so much older
    And they shall rise and tell us much more the truth of man

    I see visions of sleeping peaks eruptin’
    Releasin’ all hell that will shake the earth from end to end
    And this ain’t good news, bad news, or any news
    Lord, it’s just the truth, better save your soul while you can

    (...oh you have) You don’t have to follow everything, you know I can follow...

    1Jimi’s frequent mention of water/sea in his lyrics is interesting, as at this time the ‘dawning’ of the ‘Age of Aquarius’ was a major theme “on the scene” (eg ‘Woodstock’ was actually billed as ‘An Aquarian Exposition at...” [wherever – it changed location 3 times]).This song appears to be a continuation of his ‘1983. . . A Merman I Should Turn To Be’ (ie Part 2). He again mentions ‘surgery’ (‘our machine has done it’s “work” well, (without a scratch on our bodies) - ‘the scar’ ie the ‘work’ (“now you can’t see a thing & I don’t feel no pain”) that enables them to live under water.
    Now the ‘Age of Aquarius’ has arrived and Atlantis is arising again (‘Look out East Coast [USA] you’re gonna have a neighbour’) from “the valleys of Neptune” (ie the sea) and who knows, maybe caused by the Axis of The World tilting off balance, as Jimi talked about in his “Bold As Love” song from the LP (non too seriously:-).
    Atlantis’ rising will not come without pain, it’s going to be catastrophic, causing a tsunami (“tidal wave”) followed by volcanic erruptions all over The World. The ‘Moon ships’ appear to be from an idea that ancient civilisations (possibly under an “Ebony Queen” [Nubian Dynasty?]) had been more advanced and had been to The Moon, even leaving signs that they had been there [eg Erich Von Daniken type stuff (Chariots of the Gods 1968)]. Of course this song (& Erich’s book) was written at the time Kennedy’s 1961 program to land men on The Moon ‘before the end of the 1960’s’ was nearing lift off.
    And Jimi did like reading esoteric twaddle! (as did many on ‘the scene’ at the time (still very popular!), how many take any of it ‘seriously’ though? – for most it’s just like astrology, not taken too seriously, mostly a diversion, or another entertaining form of “science fiction” – did Jimi? - we don’t know?).
    2Imagery from the Book of the Hopi creation myth." End of Tokpela the First World: “Taiowa (the Creator)
    commanded Sotuknang to destroy the World. Sotuknang destroyed it by fire because the Fire Clan had
    been it’s leaders. He rained down fire upon it. He opened up the volcanoes. Fire came from above and
    below and all around until the earth, the waters, the air, all was one element, fire, and there was nothing left
    except the people safe inside the womb of the Earth.
    See ‘If 6 Was 9’: “And I come back to find the stars misplaced, and the smell of a world that has burned.”
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Okay, file thus under the conspiracy stuff if needed, but the similarities are striking.

    A possible source for Hendrix' idea of the rise of Atlantis and the line "Look out East Coast, you're going to have a neighbor", as well as the volcanic eruptions and tidal waves, may be Edgar Cayce's (1877-1945) prophecies. He was a "clairvoyant" forecasting the rise of a new continent, Atlantis, outside the coast of Florida. A new age of thousand year peace would be heralded in by volcanic eruptions followed by earthquakes and tsunamis. I think Hendrix must have read these ideas, unless of course you believe Hendrix was a clairvoyant himself :-)))


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