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    Wednesday 6 October 1965 [according to Knight]
    New York City, Studio ‘76’, 1650 Broadway, New York, USA

    Part of Ed Chalpin’s P.P.X. Enterprises.
    ©Curtis Knight; 25 October 1965.
    For further details see

    Jimi’s 1st recorded use of a fuzz tone
    Curtis : vocal, tambourine
    Jimmy: guitar, fuzz bass & harmony vocal
    [unknown - “Bernard “Pretty” Purdie” according to Curtis]: drums
    “Composer” (lyrics only): Curtis ‘Knight’ (McNear)
    Composer (music, basically - Bob Dylan’s ‘Like A Rolling Stone’): Bob Dylan (uncredited)
    Arranger: (of Dylan’s tune) by Jimmy Hendrix
    Left to right at Studio 76 in 1965: Johnny Starr?, Jimmy Hendrix,
    Curtis Knight, Ed Chalpin, Unknown.

    No doubt amusing (later?) to some degree as Bob’s original sang about a certain ‘Napoleon’,
    and a bassist of the same name was a (later) regular in the band.


    This is a song that asks a question
    And if you listen I think you’ll get the message

    If you walked into a restaurant
    You were hungry
    An’ you had the money to get yourself somethin’ to eat
    And somebody told you to go round to the back door to get it
    Even though he wasn’t gonna give it to you free
    Yeah, yeah, tell me how, yea-eah, o-oh
    Oh, how would you feel, o-oh, yea-eah
    If you were me? yea-eah, o-oh
    Oh, how would you feel
    Think about it now

    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

    You take your little children by the hand
    An’ you wanna guide ‘em and protect them

    On their very first day of school, yea-eah
    Now I just wanna ask one question
    ‘Do you think that all the little children should be punished
    For the sins of all the older fools?’

    Yeah ‘en, yeah ‘en, tell me how, yea-eah, o-oh
    Oh, how would you feel, o-oh, yea-eah
    If you were me? yea-eah o-oh
    Oh, how would you feel?
    Think about it now
    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

    You walk to the corner
    And you stand at the place called the bus stop
    And the bus pulls up
    And a man opens up the door, yea-eah, o-oh
    He might, huh, look at you funny
    But he takes some money
    And then he says
    ‘Hey, you’re not one of us, sit in the back of the bus’1
    (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
    Yeah, tell me how, yea-eah, o-oh
    Oh, how would you feel, yea-eah, o-oh
    If you were me no-ow, yea-eah
    Uh-How would you feel, o-oh, yea-eah
    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

    One more thing I wanna tell you

    You pick up the mornin’ paper*
    And you read about people fightin’ and dyin’
    Somewhere in a foreign land [Vietnam] oh yea-eah
    (I’m shakin’)
    But right here people are fightin’ and dyin’
    And all they’re tryin’ to do is get equal rights
    As the constitution planned yeah, yeah
    Now tell me how, yea-eah o-oh
    Oh, how would you feel, yea-eah, o-oh
    If you were me?
    Think about it now and tell me

    How would you feel, yeah
    If all your little children were tryin’ to do
    Was go to school, get an education
    So that they could find a great place in this wonderful nation
    And, If you went down town and people waited on you there
    I mean served you, even though you new that they didn’t want you
    And everywhere you looked around
    All you could see was hate in people’s eyes
    And you tried to love ‘em
    And you’re just tryin’ to understand one another

    And get together and try to live happily
    And try to be brothers in this great big wonderful nation
    Yeah, yeah, tell me how, yea-eah, o-oh
    Oh, how would you feel? o-oh, yea-eah
    (Yeah, yeah, tell me how…)

    1Obvious reference to Rosa Parks & the bus boycott
    *This verse is the first (with Jimi) to make an analogy with the struggle for civil rights in the US and the war in
    Vietnam, Jimi occasionally continued this analogy in his introductions at concerts initially for ‘Wild Thing’,
    then mostly for Voodoo Chile or Machine Gun.
    “No Vietcong ever called me a Nigger,”: Mohammed Ali (formerly Cassius Clay)- 1966, on refusing
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    Re: 01. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL - Mohammed Ali...

    I wonder how long he would live with the Vietcongs before they called him something worse!

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