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Thread: JIMI'S 1968 USA DIARY

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    It has “Daily Diary, Historic Events On every Page” printed on the front,
    underneath Jimi has written “You damn right”

    MARCH 19

    Arrived in Ottawa - Beautiful hotel... Strange people ... Beautiful dinner. Talked with Joni Mitchell on the phone… I think I’ll record her tonight with my excellent tape recorder (knock on wood). Hmmm ... can’t find any wood ... everything’s plastic. Beautiful view.
    Marvellous sound on first show - Good on 2nd. Good recording. Went down to the little club to see Joni - fantastic girl with heaven words - We all go to party. O.k. millions of girls - listen to tapes and smoked back at hotel.

    MARCH 20

    We left Ottawa City today. I kissed Joni goodbye, slept in the car awhile - Stopped at a highway diner - I mean a Real one, like in the movies. Mitch and I discuss our plans for movie. Slight disagreement here and there but it will soon be straighten out. Nothing happened in Rochester tonight. Went to a very bad, bad, bad tasting restaurant. Thugs follow us. They probably was scared, couldn’t figure us out. Me with my Indian hat and Mexican moustach, Mitch with his fairy tale jacket and Noel with his leopard band hat and glasses and hair And accent. G’nite all.

    MARCH 21

    Today we play Rochester N.Y., really a strange town... oh well... two girls came up to my room by the names of Heidi and Barbara. Real groovy people. We played one show tonight — very bad P.A. Bad Hall, patient people but I kind of lost my temper with everything in general — recorded show with tape recorder. After show we go to girl’s house with party material. Someone outside got beat up by the Hackers*. Stayed there over night in the tiger room O.K.

    *The local biker gang

    MARCH 22

    We’re in Hartford, Conn - I had a beautiful diary I kept while we were in Sweden - And of course I lost it… Hmmm... I wonder what Catherina is doing now. I must call her soon, before she goes to Switzerland. She’s the only thing I have to hold on to that’s real. Better Call her soon. Beautiful room I have. Bought more film, tape, etc...
    Just came back from Gig. Terrible – the people thought we were great – stage manager dropped the power right in the middle of concert. So I am depressed. Gonna get completely Smashed…
    …let’s see…Where’s that bottle - Hmmmm…

    MARCH 23

    Well we road through the most extreme weather today. From sunshine to blizzards and fog and everything. We’re in Buffalo now. Gonna take a nap. Played show – Great. Girls came round Oh no - must think of Catherina and write my songs. Goodnight everyone

    MARCH 24

    S.O.S. Same old stuff

    MARCH 25


    MARCH 26


    MARCH 27


    MARCH 28

    We played in Cincinnatti. Bought a new Jazzmaster here and a practice amp. Got the guitar for recording.

    MARCH 29

    Wow, I’m stoned as Hell in this hotel room with Mitch in Cincinnatti. The Gig? Oh yeah, groovy.

    AUGUST 1

    Weather’s beautiful here in New Orleans - food’s O.K.
    Everybody’s on fire – but a groovy fire. We could change America – Not from white to Black but from old to young. The park scene was great can you imagine Southern police protecting ME? - The Gig was actually great. Turned them on with physical music. Came back to hotel and get stoned and make love to “pootsie” - a Tall Southern Blonde.

    AUGUST 2

    Well back again and we are into the beginning of a change – San Antonio Texas – down the street about three blocks from this motel is the World’s Fair. Hope I get a chance to see it.

    AUGUST 3

    [no entry]

    AUGUST 4

    [no entry]

    AUGUST 5

    [no entry]

    AUGUST 6

    [no entry]

    AUGUST 7

    [Not in Jimi’s hand? And in pencil]

    In New York again. Linda was at Salvation in White and Gold. She loves me. She’s beautiful. She loves me, tomorrow she’ll be gone again, but she never get’s away.
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    Re: JIMI'S 1968 USA DIARY

    Oops. Twas "pootsie" not Bootsy
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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