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Thread: UTEE - Rosa Lee Brooks

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    UTEE - Rosa Lee Brooks

    Rosa Lee Brooks’ single. Recorded in 1965 (by all logical evidence), in L.A. where Jimi was based at the time with Little Richard as part of his band, his ‘Royal Company’. Richard’s home and family had moved there from Macon years ago. Recorded and produced by Billy Revis, owner of ‘Revis Records’ in his home base ‘garage’ studio (by the sound, obviously very well equipped) and mastered by, the well respected, Doc. Siegel at the famous Gold Star studios in L.A. The ‘B’ side was written by Brooks and (maybe – a common ploy by producers to recoup expenses was to list themselves as co-composer) Revis. Brooks latterly has claimed she wrote the ‘A’ side as well, about her and her claimed, very short, relationship with Jimi. But she has offered no logical evidence, whereas Lee has good further songwriting and personal evidence that makes sense and he is also listed as sole composer, he is also a major songwriter.
    Rosa was later talent picked along with Brenda Holloway (who became a famous star) for a major label, but failed to achieve significant sales initially and, it seems, was quickly dropped for some reason, never to achieve subsequent recognition.

    Date: between February - April 1965
    Vocals: Rosa Lee Brooks
    Backing vocals: “The Rosalettes” (Rosa’s vocal group?) & Arthur Lee?
    Drums: "Big" Francis [?]
    Bass: Alvin [?]
    Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
    Rhythm guitar: ?
    Horns: ?
    Apart from Hendrix, Brooks (Lee. And possibly ‘the Rosalettes’?) personnel were, reportedly, members of Major Lance’s band

    UTEE (Rosa Brooks [& Billy Revis?])

    [Title, reportedly, came from an L.A. dance craze at the time, the ‘U.T.’]

    There’s a new dance that’s goin’ around
    That makes you wanna move
    Up and down
    We got a dance that’ll move
    And when you do it
    You’ll really move
    Come on, baby
    (Co-o-o-ome o-on)
    And do the U.T.
    (Now get it!)
    (Now get it!)

    Now this dance hasn’t been seen
    And when you do it
    You’re lookin’ green
    Hold your hands
    Way up high
    Ah-like you’re reachin’
    For the sky
    So stop the music
    And do the U.T.
    (Now get it!)
    (Now get it!)

    Now you move your hips from side to side
    And if you can’t do it, let it slide
    You step to the left and back to the right
    Don’t you know the U.T. is out of sight
    (Out of si-i-i-ight!)

    [Instrumental break]

    You and me
    (You and me)
    Do the U.T.
    (You and me)
    We’ll do the U.T.
    I’m doin’ the ‘Monkey’
    Right on time
    I’ll take you through the ‘Jerk’
    And you look so fine
    Now you and me
    We’ll do the U.T.
    You and me we’ll do the U.T.
    (You and me we’ll do the U.T.)
    You and me we’ll do the U.T.
    (You and me we’ll do the U.T.)
    You and me we’ll do the U.T.
    (You and me we’ll do the U.T.)
    You and me . . .
    (You and me. . .)
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