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    STEPPING STONE (-) bsots

    STEPPING STONE* (--) bsots)

    Well, I’m a man, at least I’m tryin’ to be
    But I’m lookin’ for that other half of me
    Said-ah I’m a man lookin’ across the deep blue sea
    But I ain’t gonna search for nothin’ desperately
    Hey, I’m tryin’, tryin’, tryin to keep my cool
    Well, I’m tryin’ to keep my blues
    Yeah, yeah, yeah

    Well, until I find that sweet love of mne
    I’m just rollin’, screamin’, tumblin’, cryin’, girl, an’ lovin’
    Rollin’ Stone, Rollin’ Stone

    Hey, you’re a woman, at least you say you are
    You’re a woman, at least you look like you are
    You’re a woman, at least you say you are
    But you’re makin’ off in bed with my guitar
    And you leave the real me outside
    To live off ‘round the night time
    Say you just want a ticket to ride
    You don’t give a damn who you ride-heh-heh
    You’re just screamin’, good lovin’ sometime
    But-ah, rollin’, tumblin’, steppin’
    Steppin, steppin’ stone
    That’s all you’re good for

    Steppin’ stone, yeah, yeah

    Yes, I find myself ridin’ down the highways of desi-ire

    Lord, I got ‘o keep my flyin’s, my flyin’

    *Devon Wilson?
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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