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    Written diagonally on a plain sheet [“butcher’s paper”, ie blood stained] with “The Gray Village Of North Gray Isle” [untitled]. He also wrote a similar [untitled] piece, “Help Me God” ...keep this fire burning in my soul
    Jimi sung the first part during Voodoo Chile (slight return) at the The Forum, Inglewood in 1969, and also during Voodoo Chile (slight return) on 26 April 1970 at Dane Co. Memorial Coliseum, Madison. He also spoke of this to Flip Wilson on the NBC Tonight Show (10 July 1969) “...once you carry God inside yourself, well then you’re part off him, he’s part of you, you know?

    “THANK YOU GOD” [Untitled]

    Thank you God for making me strong
    And thank you God for staying where you belong
    Inside me

    Love never can ever go as deep
    Hear me dear God
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