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Thread: 1965-09-15 Syracuse, ‘Va-Va-Go-Go’ club at Casa Lorenzo, NY

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    1965-09-15 Syracuse, ‘Va-Va-Go-Go’ club at Casa Lorenzo, NY

    Wednesday 15? September 1965
    Syracuse, ‘Va-Va-Go-Go’ club
    *at Casa Lorenzo, 476 South Salina St., NY
    *name changed at some point
    to include 'Mario's'.
    'Maurice James’ is with Joey Dee & the Starlighters
    Support: '12 Go-Go Beauties'*

    *name changed at some point to '12 Go-Go Lovelies'

    Staying at the Hilton Hotel


    Peppermint Twist
    (Joey Dee & Henry Glover)

    Shout (Part 1) (O’Kelly Isley, Ronald Isley & Rudolph Isley)
    [Presumably this was also part of the Isley Brothers set when Jimi was with them]
    a.o. unknown

    Jimmy Mayes
    : "We were scheduled to play Lorenzo's for two weeks."
    “[Joey thought the hotel sounded nice but it was a bit raggedy. By chance full of go-go dancers working different clubs

    - so, good time had by all]”
    “[We would play a set and then go-go dancers would dance to records. Everywhere was go-go at that time.

    We would always end with ‘Shout!’ ‘Maurice’ was quiet on stage 1st night]"
    Joey Dee
    : "Musically, Jimi was outstanding at the time but he wasn't at his greatest yet. Don’t get me wrong -
    he was already a great entertainer but musically, he wasn't what he would become. I asked Jimi to sing our "bop-shoo-bop"
    harmonic parts and he was just awful.
    His sing-talk style, which worked for him later on, didn’t work in my music. There was no decent quality of vocal intonation.
    He was okay on unison parts, top melodic lines but he just couldn't hit the right notes on inner lines and it couldn’t be blamed on being stoned
    (those were his “pre-Experience” days, only smoking pot) – but Jimi made up for it on guitar.

    When Mayes says "two weeks" I think he is probably conflating two separate engagements. And "two weeks" is more likely 10 days.

    These dates remembered by Mayes as "Lorenzo's" are for 'Casa Lorenzo'. The recent ‘Go-Go’ disco venture by new proprietor Mario was still in development, later titled ‘Mario's Club Au Go-Go’. 'Mario’ and ‘Casa Lorenzo’ had become almost interchangeable in his adverts at this point. Hard to know what signage or layout from the few ads and one article how much of the building was still Casa Lorenzo and how much was Go-Go Mario’s disco, I imagine just the ballroom? Mario was big on self promotion, so it's hard to tell how early his name became part of the title prior to the 'Mario's Club Au Go-Go' opening in November; in the 21 July advert it's called 'Va-Va-Go-Go' then 'Mario's Club' leaving it unclear if it's just a description? In the 16 July ad HE is calling himself 'Go-Go Mario' and his disco session is titled 'Va-Va-Go-Go'. Mario's advertising was oddly sporadic, between his first ads advertising the beginning of his Go-Go adventure in June, there is an ad in August which just has ‘Discotheque Go-Go Dancing Nitely 9:30 to 3 a.m.’ as one of the attractions at Casa Lorenzo (and there is also the '12 Go-Go-Beauties', but from 5-7?) , there are no ads in September apart from a (large) small ad for waitresses and head waitress [‘trouble at mill’?].

    There is an interesting Buffalo (see McVans) connection. From a, 9 June, long advertising article :

    “. . .Joseph .T. Kelly, ex-mayor of Buffalo, paid tribute to Mario Galluzzo when he was promoted to General manager and sent to Casa Lorenzo’s in Syracuse. He described the restaurateur as a climber — with great vision for the future. He went to sea at twelve and traveled to many exciting lands. He went to Buffalo and was hired by Lorenzo Pace, owner of the original Casa Lorenzo there and later in this city. Mario, from bus boy, to waiter, to maitre de. He now owns the controlling stock. . .”

    Also the Buffalo gig features the same "Va-Va-Go-Go" dancers - recruited by Mario (news advert).
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