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Thread: 1965-11-09 Buffalo, Go-Go McVans, Niagara Street, NY

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    1965-11-09 Buffalo, Go-Go McVans, Niagara Street, NY

    Tuesday 9 November 1965
    Depends what 'all week' meant, if 7 days then the gig would have ended on Thursday 11th
    Buffalo, Go-Go McVans, Niagara Street, New York, USA
    ‘Maurice James’ is with Joey Dee and the Starliters for a week residency.

    Support: 'Va-Va-Go-Go Girls'

    same name as those at 'Mario's Club Au Go-Go' in Syracuse]
    Accommodation: Buffalo Hotel?


    Peppermint Twist (Joey Dee & Henry Glover)
    Shout! (O'Kelly Jr., Rudolph & Ronald Isley)
    a.o. unknown

    Unknown which day:
    Joey Dee: "While still in Buffalo, we went down to one of the local [radio] stations and recorded a one-minute spot of The Peppermint Twist (Jimi Hendrix/guitar,
    Jimmy Mayes/drums, Calvin Duke/organ, Joey Dee/vocals). I would love to get my hands on that tape."
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