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Thread: 1962-06-XX Clarksville, Prom dance, Burt High School, TN

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    1962-06-XX Clarksville, Prom dance, Burt High School, TN

    [Mid Summer. Date?] 1962
    , Burt High School, TN
    High School Prom.
    & Billy Cox playing with unnamed band, likely The Casuals.
    Fee: $30.00 each [seems an unfeasably large sum for this time period? Surely this would be for the whole band]
    It seems highly unlikely that Cox had been playing with Hendrix long enough, if at all, as early as 1961 to play a High School Prom dance, or anywhere apart from on the base at that early a date. Cox' memory is a bit vague on dates sometimes.

    Bily Cox
    : “And as I look back, I think, maybe, the first big paying job was Jimmy and myself [surely not a duo!?] played at Burt High School Prom, in 1961 [!?] in Clarksville Tennessee, and they paid us 30 dollars apiece. That was a lot of money that was the equivalent of maybe 350 dollars [laughs]. That was my first big paying job. That was a Prom, man [laughs].”
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