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Thread: 1963-08-XX Murfreesboro, "Elks Club", TN

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    1963-08-XX Murfreesboro, "Elks Club", TN

    [Date?] August 1963 >
    Murfreesboro, Elk’s Club, [124, East College Street?], TN

    This was the local Elk’s original home, but the local Elk’s had folded by 1938. So unless this historic building,
    listed as being occupied by “a series of restaurants” at this time, was still known as ‘The Elk’s, or was
    another address using that title, I think Cox may have mixed it up for The Elk’s in Nashville, or another
    town? The Elk’s had moved to another address before they folded but it was occupied
    by the local
    education offices by this time.

    King Kasuals’ gig
    Cox' estimate of audience sizes they played in those days: “. . .two-three hundred people.”

    Bily Cox: “Murfreesboro there was a ah, oh, you think. There was the Elk’s in Murfreesboro and a little [‘red’?]
    club up ther’-[laughs] in the back of the woods or what have you. But we were, my-my-now. Mind you you weren’t
    that-we weren’t famous, but were kind of popular because Jimmy did a lot of his antics, ah-on stage. And people
    lot of ‘em, people didn’t know whether to clap or walk out. They’d say [‘mince’?]. But they knew he was unique in
    some sort of a way.

    “. . And-ah we travelled around the chitlin circuit, and these clubs were called the chitlin circuit* because they served
    fish and chitlins and that, those were the two-ah, eh meals that they served. And there were sold some of ‘em had
    pot-bellied stoves in the middle of ‘em. An’-ah, they were Winchester, Manchester, Murfreesboro, Tullahoma. . .”

    [*Cox only mentions 4 towns and only gives a clue to two possible venues. All are south of and not too far from Nashville,
    in mid Tennessee. So not exactly ‘The Chitlin Circuit’. He was about to mention at least one other town they played but
    was unfortunately interrupted by the interviewer. Ed]

    Joe Chambers (interviewer, founder of Musicians Hall of Fame, Nashville): “Hendrix and Cox played the clubs on Jefferson
    as well as the club circuit from Murfreesboro to Tullahoma.”

    “They played all over middle Tennessee”
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