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Thread: 1963-06-XX > Nashville, Club Baron, 2614 Jefferson Street, TN

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    1963-06-XX > Nashville, Club Baron, 2614 Jefferson Street, TN

    [Date?]June? 1963 >
    Nashville, Club Baron, 2614 Jefferson Street, TN
    King Kasuals

    Billy Cox: “. . .We came to Nashville playing at the club Del Morocco on Jefferson Street. From there we went to the New Era and then-ah, went from there to the Club Baron. Ah, and then we played at some clubs down town like the Jolly Roger … in Printer’s Alley. . .”

    Possibly this was where:

    “Jimmy couldn’t afford new gadgets [only new gadget at that time was the fuzz box (1960), invented in Nashville! Ed.] so he got what he could if he could find something, but there weren’t that many gadgets out. There was a wah-wah pedal [probably mix-up for fuzz, wah only invented in 1966. Ed.], but he never had a wah-wah. I think he used one from somebody that hadn’t used it, but never had one. So I made him a chord; because he still danced and-ah moved about on stage, he was very good with dancing; so I built him a chord that was maybe 100 foot long, but I lose-lose-I lost 1/1000th of a second, so I came down to 75 feet - same thing, when I got to about 60 feet it didn’t lose that much, but he couldn’t-see that first one I built he could go out the door of the fuckin’ club-with that [gui]tar. Ah, but-ah then, finally, after I got down to about 50 or 60 feet, ah-it got a little better, but he couldn’t - he just did - but he could come of the stage and get on the dance floor and do some things, and people thought that was very unique.”
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