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Thread: 1963-XX-XX Nashville, Club Baron, 2614 Jefferson Street, Jackie Wilson/Sam Cooke, TN

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    1963-XX-XX Nashville, Club Baron, 2614 Jefferson Street, Jackie Wilson/Sam Cooke, TN

    [Date?]June? 1962 >
    Nashville, Club Baron, 2614 Jefferson Street, TN
    Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson backed by The Imperials with Jimmy Hendrix and Billy Cox

    Billy Cox: “The Elks was on 16th and Charlotte and it [has now] moved to where the Club
    Baron used to be and Joe Rainberg had. Ah, we also worked with Joe. Ah, in fact Joe
    managed, was kind of like the overseer, him and Mickey [‘Kreitner’?], for the ah, Jolly
    Rodger. So he came to Jefferson Street, Joe Rainberg came to Jefferson Street and
    opened up the ah-Baron club, Club Baron. Where the Elks now is in the spot where the
    Club Baron used to be.

    "Ah, great story: One night we finish our gig, Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson are in town,
    so after we finished our gig we said, ‘Oh Jackie Wilson yadda yadda everybody back-they’re
    gonna be comin’ down the club with ‘em.’ So, anyhow, we go down and listen to the-ah,
    Imperials was the band, y’kno’. An’ the next thing we know here comes Jackie Wilson
    and-ah Sam Cooke come in the door, pandemonium breaks out. They hit the stage. And
    so, ‘Hey, you know such an’ such?’ An a lot of guys, ‘Uh I don’-know.’ Me an’ Jimmy, ah
    somehow we wound up on the stage, ‘Yeah, we know all your songs.’ Boom! they kicked
    off songs and, man, I think they did-ah, ah ‘Bring It On Home To Me’. Boy we’d take that!
    So we did about four or five songs and it was really great, and Sam Cooke turned around
    says, ‘Man, you sounded really great.’ Well, I was sayin’, ‘Take me with you, take me brother
    ha-ha-ha!,’ he didn’t make that statement. But later on ah, Jimmy wound up playing ah,
    doing some stuff with Jackie Wilson when he left Nashville.

    ‘Cause see, Jimmy was constantly yearning for his, ah, his fame, and he knew what he
    wanted, where he wanted to go, but he didn’t know how to get there. So he’d, one guy
    would say, ‘Well I got this here let’s come on down here,’ and he’s come wi’ me
    [‘som’-else’?], ‘It doesn’t sound stable Jimmy, I think we need to stay away from that.’ He’d
    go and then he’d wound up stranded. ‘Hey, man, I’m stranded’ I’d say, ‘Well, I hate to say I
    told you so. Come on, I’ll bring you back,’ then another guy he’s, ‘Oh, well, I’m goin’ up
    here,’ and he’d wind up in St. Louis or that. So after he finally did that five or six [times],
    then I’d bring h’-when he’d come back he’d stay-play with the King Kasuals, the group I was

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