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Thread: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

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    1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Tuesday 1 August 1967
    USA (Colorado Springs, CO)
    GAZETTE TELEGRAPH (page 8C) [B&W 3 LP covers, out of 22 - not JHE. With ‘Turn On/Tune In’
    Warner/Reprise logo]

    New LP Records From
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    [Top of list of 11, no LP title as was frequently the case with this LP!]
    Stereo Or Mono Hi-Fidelity From
    1444 North Hancock Golf Acres
    Phone 634-3482

    Tuesday 1 August 1967
    JUKE BOX (pages?) [B&W early pub. photo]'Burden with the police'
    We know that Jimi is crazy about military clothing. He prefers to wear uniforms that served in 1868! One
    day he ran across the street when a couple of cops stopped him. "You must not wear that, they told him,
    young soldiers fought and died and you
    makea fool out of them!" "At the veterans' corps?" Asked Jimi,
    because he had taken the uniform from there. The
    officers did not accept this and asked for his identity
    card. After much talk and
    fuss they let him go with the words "see that you never wear it again" and
    walked away laughing. Besides these uniforms he also wears bright coloured shirts and even a
    cket that was painted by Chris Jagger, yes, the brother of Mick. As a seventeen year old he started
    to play soldier at the paratroopers, but he
    got tired of it. When he broke his foot (unintentionally!) They
    did not want to believe him at first and only after a few weeks
    was he let go. He set off with his guitar
    as a companion.
    He went to play in Nashville for peanuts, until he was incorporated into the Isley Bros,
    who had gained some fame with "Twist and Shout". But their white suits and the polished shoes did not
    suit him, and he pulled out. A tour with Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson eventually ended up
    with Little
    . After a few months they had a big fight with each other, because Little Richard thought Jimi
    was too smart, and Jimi was once again on the street. Until he was suddenly discovered by Chass
    [sic] who persuaded him to come to England with the result that we know. "It's hard to
    perform with men like Engelbert Humpleflump,
    Jimi joked. We create an great atmosphere in the hall
    hemesses up everything again. Bah ...!”

    [Day?] August (Sept)1967
    BEAT INSTRUMENTAL (page 35) [b&w photo portrait in vets jacket]
    JAMES Maurice Hendrix was born in Seattle, Washington, on November 27, 1945. His first public
    appearance with his
    Experience was QUITE an experience ... at the Olympia, Paris, in October last
    year. So, in considerably less than a year, he has become one of the most controversial, influential
    and copied stars on the British scene.

    Just to look at him has been known to cause concern among the more easily frightened. That
    massive mop of brown-black hair—a near six-foot frame, slender, but encased in way-way-out gear.
    When he plays, arguments rage.

    Taken out of a Monkee tour in the States on the grounds he is too "erotic" for young audiences.
    Umpteen other allegations about his stage movements in Britain.

    Yet Jimi, who deeply digs Dylan and Muddy Waters and the Beatles, and anything good in
    the blues, remains a very quiet person off stage. Shy almost. And totally dedicated to music. But
    with no formal musical education—he picked up all he knows from listening to records and sitting
    quietly in clubs studying other guitarists. Genuinely astonished at the way his career has gone;
    permanently grateful to
    ex-Animal Chas Chandler, who first heard the wild one playing in a
    Greenwich Village club back at the start of last summer.

    Inevitably Jimi gets the odd insult, the disapproving stare, from people in the street. Though he has
    some studiously prepared replies, mostly he just shrugs and moves right on by.
    Jimi saves his
    energy and his fire for the stage. When he's working, he'd cheerfully blow himself up for the sake of
    creating excitement. But his basic modesty is an object lesson for some loud-mouthed and lesser

    He has said: "Some reporters have the idea of hanging me from a tall tree, but they
    don't bother me too much".
    What does hurt him is when people write of him as some sort
    of freak attraction and forget his actual abilities. He wouldn't help remedy this by changing
    his appearance because "I feel comfortable the way I look right now".

    Of suggestions that he is moody, he simply says:
    "I'm thinking about music not trivialities, most of the time".
    He is badly bugged by amplification problems.
    "Giving a bad show because the equipment goes wrong is something I hate", he says."It's
    a letdown. And the point
    is that it really isn't my fault."
    Of his composing, he's determined not to stick in any freak-out, but—he writes commercial songs for
    his "teeny-bopper" fans and he produces highly authentic-sounding blues, too. Performance-wise,
    reckons he won't augment the group..." Mitch and Noel and I have got something going
    and we'll not disturb it."

    His modesty shows through in the way he talks about his successful return home to the States
    "Better than I thought", he says. "I believed the American fans were that bit too narrow-
    minded to care."

    His Continental jaunts have been a riot. In between working, he says:
    "I day-dream, maybe paint landscapes, read a little science-fiction".
    Always Music
    But mostly it's music all the way. He shares a fashionably kitted-out flat in London with Chas
    where music is talked 24 hours a day. Drawn occasionally into the open, Jimi talks with
    great courtesy. And it's as well not to forget that apart from guitar he’s pretty darned good on piano,
    organ, bass and drums!

    (Page?) [B&W JH photo at Marquee in Hussars jacket bending down to adjust gear]
    Hendrix uses Wah-Wah’
    The latest person to use the
    Vox Wah-Wah Pedal on record is
    Jimi Hendrix. All those weird sounds on "Burning Of The Midnight Lamp" are the result of this
    pedal, and
    Jimi is reported to be "knocked-out" about it. Jennings are currently working on a Wah-
    Wah tremelo arm which can be fitted to practically any guitar. When moved up and down, it will give
    the usual tremelo effect. but when moved sideways will give the true Wah-Wah sound. Currently
    available at all Vox agents is their solid guitar with built-in Solid State amplifier sounds. Every sound
    that is available on the amp can be obtained on the guitar and when mixed with the amplifier sounds,
    will produce some really startling effects. The whole unit has been miniaturised so that it will fit into
    the. body of the guitar. And there isn't any extra charge for this. Whether you buy an instrument with
    or without the Solid State sounds, you will pay exactly the same price, the one that you pay now. At
    the moment. it can only be fitted to solid guitars, but Jennings are aiming to fit it into other models
    as soon as possible.

    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    [Day?] August(Sept)1967
    DŽUBOKS [‘Jukebox’] (page?)[B&W photos JH, Mitch, & Noel + JH playing at Marquee]
    ‘The young man who eats guitars’
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience is the most exciting group of the year. Jimi, singer and guitar soloist,
    Noel, bassist and Mitch, the drummer managed to bring the tunes "
    Hey Joe", "Purple Haze" and
    The Wind Cries Mary" to their pinnacle of success.
    Jimi Hendrix is 19 years old. He was born on November 27, 1947 in Seattle, Washington. He spent
    his childhood in this big industrial city and, if he had not gone the other way, he would have lived
    there today, employed as his father at the Boeing aircraft factory. However, like many young American
    Jimi had a childhood attachment to the music world. Because he did not like going to school,
    he often ran away from class and played with
    a few friendssinging blues on the streets.
    At the age of sixteen his father (more or less against his will) enlisted him in the army. Six months
    later, he left the Army with a serious injury to his hip and a sore back. It was the result of a failed
    parachute jump: since the parachute did not automatically open, the wind knocked the young man to
    the tail of the plane and was a little short of losing his life. He began trave
    lling, especially in the
    southern regions and singing in bars, one day when he was playing at
    a Vaudeville Club in New York,
    was noticed by members of
    the Isley Brothers group and proposed to become a member of their
    Jimi didn't hesitate. He said:
    “I was tired of living from day to day, starving, sleeping in dirty hotels where rats ate even the little
    candy I could buy.

    However, after a few weeks, he was bored playing the same 12 songs every night in every city. He
    the Isley Brothers group in Nashville (the hub of all American musicians) and began to break
    through the threshold of recording studios. He would get some engagement
    s from time to time. Thus,
    for almost a year, he has toured with the biggest names of the American blues on various tours:
    B. B.
    King, Sam Cook, Little Richard,
    Chuck Berry, Ike and Tina Turner. However, Jimi was too
    strong a personality to obey the strict discipline on American tours, a discipline that treats musicians
    as ordinary workers of the main "boss" singer. He was constantly s
    acked, once because his hair was
    too long, another time for not wanting to wear a white jacket
    instead of his red jacket.
    In August 1966, he formed an instrumental group, became its leader, and temporarily settled in
    Greenwich Village (bohemian borough of New York). He was earning only 15
    dollars for the evening
    but was his
    own master. There was an encounter that evening that played a crucial role in Jimi
    's career.
    Chas Chandler (formerly the bassist of the "Animals") attended a Jimi Hendrix concert on the
    advice of his friend,
    Mick Jagger, who had previously had the opportunity to listen to the young
    singer. Surprised by his technique and personality, he convinced him to go to England.

    At the end of September 1966, Jimi arrived at London airport and set out to conquer the UK with
    his guitar. He soon became a famous London nightlife figure. He could be found in almost all the
    famous clubs as he performed tune
    s with local groups. People listened with interest to this stylish
    young man, dressed in a soldier's uniform, whose face was an unusual combination of the
    features of
    Bob Dylan
    and Mike Jagger, with a huge lion's mane of hair on his head.
    As Jimi became the star of night-life London. Chad Chandler feverishly sought out two musicians
    who wanted to form a trio with him. He found 19-year-old
    Mitch Mitchell, former drummer of
    ie Fame, 21-year-old Noel Redding, a bassist who used to play solo guitar in a small group
    called "
    The Loving Kind" (Jimi adored the blues,Mitch jazz, and Noel rock-and-roll) has come to
    fruition: they have imposed a very particular musical style in which each of the members of the trio
    played a very important role.

    Jimi Hendrix's undisputed discovery in 1967 was that Johnny Holiday was not fooled when, at a
    time when the
    star was completely unknown, he invited him to participate in his concerts at the Paris

    According to Andrew Oldham, the man who discovered the Rolling Stones, Jimi is the biggest find
    since the popular
    Stones. Like Mick Jagger, Jimi is primarily a scene artist, a great showman. He
    needs to be seen struggling with his guitar, which has become an integral part of himself, from which
    he manages to make incredible sounds. He should be seen performing his famous solo parts
    his teeth, surrounded by members of his trio, a bassist and drummer who, with their crooked hair
    and strange outfits, resemble the beings of another world.

    However, behind a strong personality that grew out of a distinctive musical style and stage play, lies a
    simple, gentle, kind and smiling
    young man who lives above all for his music.
    After less than six months of his career, Jimi Hendrix is a star. His three compositions "Hey Joe",
    Purple haze" and "The Wind Cries Mary" ranked among the top five English hits. He recently
    returned from a successful tour of Germany and Scandinavia.

    (Page?) [full page colour photo JH TV studio Germany, ‘JIMI HENDRIX’]

    [Day?] August 1967
    MIRABELLE [early teens, girl’s mag] (page?) [B&W photo portrait of the group, Left to right —
    , and Noel’]
    JIMI LIKES IT HERE even if he hates our trains and loathes our mash’ by Pat Saville
    HAVING resisted the temptation to crack the year's unfunniest joke by saying that meeting Jimi
    was the Experience of a lifetime, nobody is going to stop me raving about his group, for
    there's no doubt that their wildly different sounds and stage acts have made them one of the
    greatest happenings in pop music for a very long time.

    • To find out more about the incredible trio which makes up the Jimi Hendrix ExperienceI went
    along to
    Jimi's London flat where he was relaxing with bass player Noel Redding and drummer
    Mitch Mitchell
    before setting out on a photo session.
    Jimi- resplendent in an ornate old uniform, was not looking forward to facing the photographers.
    "They always try to make me look so evil," he said with a shy smile which no-one could possibly
    have described as
    It is now eight months since he arrived in London and he told me it's the longest time he has spent
    in one place since
    leaving his home in Seattle, on America's West coast, five years
    "I'm a restless person and never stay anywhere for more than a few months. I get tired of
    places and things very quickly but moving around stops me getting too bored,"
    • Although he likes many things about England he has two pet hates. One is English trains,
    “They're so slow," and the other is English food. "It lacks variety and I loathe the mashed
    potatoes which turn up with every
    While Jimi must be one of the few pop stars anywhere in the world who can boast of Red Indian
    blood in his veins,
    Mitch is a true Londoner and Noel was brought up in Kent.
    No-one is more surprised than Noel that he is in the group at all.
    "I originally came to London to audition for the New Animals but I arrived late and somebody else
    had got the job. I was then asked if I would audition as bass guitarist for
    Jimi's new group, I was so
    excited that I said yes' but it was my first effort on bass and I was so nervous I could hardly play a
    he recalled.
    In some ways it's amazing that Jimi, Mitch and Noel ever get together for they all favour different
    styles of music. While
    Jimiis a blues artiste, Noel plays rock and Mitch remains loyal to jazz. Even
    after spending so much time together they haven't been won over to each other's tastes.

    "You won't find any of my particular favourites in Jim's or Noel’s record collections but although we
    sometimes have friendly arguments about music they don't cause trouble between us. We agree to
    differ and get on surprisingly well,”
    said Mitch.
    • As far as their own music s concerned Jimi told me,“We play as we feel and people will never
    get to know us by just listening to our records. We cou!d never make enough to cover all
    our moods, only by seeing our shows when each performance is spontaneous and different
    that they will really come to understand what we are all about"

    So now I'm off to get my ticket for the next show by the Jimi Hendrix Experience and who knows,
    perhaps I’ll see you in the queue!
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    [Day?] August (Sept)1967
    MUZEIK PARADE (page?) [b&w photo, roses shirt, RSG]are you experienced?
    Completely unknown in our regions half a year ago, his "Hey Joe" exploded like a thunderstorm onto
    our hit parade.
    Jimi Hendrix Experience was still for many a difficult name to pronounce, even
    though his first record was already owned by many. The Columbian [sic] living in England turned out
    to be a sensation of the first order. While his teeth play the guitar strings, every part of his body
    moves along with the music. 'Superb music' many English pop stars say, who come to see his shows
    every day. Music written by
    Jimi Hendrix himself, or better: experienced. Because Jimi Hendrix
    works himself into a "high" from which his music emerges. Deafening loud sounds beat into you, while
    the movements of
    Jimi take you into a trance, and you experience the music. The rhythm
    penetrates your entire body. It's a fantastic
    experience to see and hear Jimi Hendrix play. Also on
    record his penetrating
    musical force is reflected. You can feel that this is not the product of much
    technical tinkering and a lot of studio hours. This is where the sound of today is heard. "
    Hey Joe" was
    a big hit. "
    Purple Haze" a little less, but "The Wind Cries Mary" promises to become a hit of the
    first order.
    The record entered at 18 in The Netherlands and is going straight for the number one spot.
    Jimi's album "Are You Experienced" is also a unique experience. When you have an hour to spare,
    sit in your room alone and treat yourself to
    the musical happening of The Jimi Hendrix Experience.
    It is
    worth it.

    August 1967
    USA (Carbondale, IL)
    THE NEWS (page?) [title]
    Hendrix quit the Monkee Tour: The Jimi Hendrix Experience have left the Monkees’ tour
    because of adverse reaction to their performance from both adults and
    Monkees’ fans. Noel
    stated, 'It has nothing to do with the Monkees personally. We really like them and they
    like us’.
    Jimi said he is not worried about leaving the tour. He has a single out and wants as much
    time as possible promoting it.”

    August (Sept)1967

    POPFOTO (page?) [2/3 wide, full vertical b&w photo, smoking outside Ringo flat, ‘JIMI HENDRIX’.
    He is not mentioned in the accompanying list of featured artists]

    [Day?] August (‘Fall’) 1967
    SPEC 16(page?) ‘Monkees On Tour’ [B&W photo, “Peter with Noel Redding, bass player with the
    Jimi Hendrix Experience
    , offer you a soda.”]
    (Page 67) [B&W photo,]Noel, Jimi and Mitch are better known as, the Jimi Hendrix
    . Their latest LP on Reprise Records is called Are You Experienced. Well, are you?”

    [Day?] August (Sept)1967
    TIGER BEAT [teen pop mag] (page 10) [3 B&W photos, centre is Jones with Nico, 'Brian Jones
    Jimi Hendrixas, 'the greatest guitarist I've ever seen."]
    'Music, Flowers and Love '
    Here are the behind the scenes happenings you never thought you'd see...
    (Story and photos by Ann Moses)
    Music, Flowers and Love (and not neccesarily in that order) is a most accurate description of the
    greatest gathering of pop musicians assembled in Monterey last June. The variety and quality of the
    acts on stage were flawless. Here's what went on . . . backstage and behind-the-scenes.

    Everyone buzzed about the Beatles making an appearance--some said they came, some said they
    didn't--I don't know. . . Mickey Dolenz ran around in his Indian headress. . .
    Brian Jones was a
    continual topic because of his outasite pink and white flowing robe. . .
    Jimi Hendrixlived up to his
    reputation and set his guitar on fire at the end of his act . . . The Who had the crowd standing on
    their chairs cheering for more. . .

    Genie the Tailor talked to everyone. . . Papa Denny didn't show up until Sunday night. . . Simon and
    Garfunkel got an encore Friday night. . . Peter Tork introduced Lou Rawls and the Buffalo Springfield.

    Everyone flipped for Ravi Shankar. . .Jefferson Airplane did their best show ever. . .the light shows
    were expertly done by Headlights. . .
    Mike Bloomfield and his band got a standing ovation. . .Paul
    Simon introduced the Mamas and Papas. . .Roger (formerly Jim) McGuinn came with his wife and
    baby. . .Phil, Drake and Smitty were there. . .Neil Young, who used to be in the Buffalo Springfield
    was absent. . . Mickey Dolenz acted as stagehand to help Lou Adler during some of the shows. . .Big
    Brother and the Holding Company did two fantastic shows. . .Otis Redding brought down the house
    on Saturday night. . .performers and audience alike couldn't believe how great the British artists
    dressed. . .
    Noel, Mitch and Jimi of the Experiencewere constantly being complemented on their
    freaky, fab clothes. . . Peter played his banjo backstage for a few people. . .there were absolutely no
    unlawful incidents--outasite. . .Peter kept saying, "I sure wish
    Jimi Hendrix could join us on our tour,
    it would be groovy," (a week later it was announced that he would be on the entire Monkee tour). . .
    Scott Mckenzie was so groovy on stage, and not as so friendly off. . .

    Thanks (to Derek and the rest of you) for the love, the flowers, the unbelievable music!

    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    [Day?] August (Sep.) 1967
    SA (Detroit, )
    WARREN FOREST SUN (page 11/12)
    Music is emotional feeling channeled via sound to the listener's ear in order to re-create feelings. It
    is this criteria alone by which I judge what
    I hear. How does it make me feel? Does it get me high--
    does it create new patterns in my mind which I've never seen before? If I know what is
    coming next,
    it takes some of the kick out of what I'm hearing. I want to be fooled, in the sense that I will be able
    to recreate, with the artist, the feeling of discovery. The ability of the artist can then be measured by
    how he shows you an object, or a sound, differently by closer inspection in order to expand your

    The Jimi Hendrix recordis so far the best record I've ever heard. It was so exciting because his
    music is just raw feelings disguised only vaguely inside the Rock idiom. He blows your mind
    continually with the unexpected taking you further and further into your mind so that the totality of
    what you are hearing is too great to really understand upon first hearing
    (in the sense of beginning-
    end: its' structure) but compells you to just feel. The album sounds completely spontaneous and no
    matter what studio-electrical gimmicks were used, they only serve to
    enhance its absolute purity.
    Hendrix never plays the same song the same way twice. There is so much room for
    improvisation, he can't help but grow with his music and just continue to excite our ears with his
    onslaught of sound.

    Other groups I can classify with Hendrix for how they make me feel are few. The Moby Grape is one-
    -they knocked me on my ass when I saw the
    m. They screamed and played, improvising, falling of
    the stage, and took my mind and body to the total freak-out stage of no control. Their record is a
    very poor example of their talents. The Grateful Dead, although they played a lot of their album
    material as it appeared on the album, were out of sight because they just were obviously enjoying
    what they were doing so much. You could hear them excitedly talking to one a
    nother in a long
    conversation that slowly built to a huge satisfying series of climaxes.
    They can take songs like
    Midnight Hour, getting into it and "talking" to each other so heavily that you couldn't remember via
    what structure-melody-song they used in order to get into it. The MC-5 of course are so far-out
    because their structure has become more fluid as they've grown. They have developed into the most
    honest music around today. I never know what they are going to tell my mind each time I
    hear them,
    and they probably don't know either--the trip is to flow with them and feel their feelings--come, groan,
    scream and laugh--love with them. It's a pity that they have been so fucked-up business-wise. They
    sometimes have equipment, sometimes not, get themselves hung-up with slick record managers who
    only want to get rich, etc. They are honest beautiful people, and I can't help being paranoid that they
    are going to be continually shit on unless someone takes care of them. Naturally I can't be too
    objective about the Spikedrivers, but in everything we do there is room for improvisation, and I
    never sing our material the same way twice. Playing music has a reality all its own, and the dream-
    like quality of super-realness never goes away as'long as you experiment and keep learning. I played
    in other groups that did the commercial-plastic trip, and the boredom is the same as the boredom of
    a factory gig where the sound has at least some variation. I don't understand how a group like the
    Jefferson Airplane can play the same song the same way so many times--it surely goes stale in their
    own minds. It becomes the whole structured trip of symphony cats I know who play the same stuff
    all the time. The only challange is to see how fucked-up stoned you can get and still play the piece
    coherently. When a musician becomes commercially marketable he's faced with the challange of
    keeping out of the trap of his own personally arranged uniformity. If groups I respect, like the Doors
    and the Airplane cater to the audience who want to hear their hits, then they're going to find
    themselves in trouble.

    [Day?] August1967
    WORLD COUNTDOWN the voice of music (cover) [Large, centre, B&W photo, Jimi in crowd at
    Monterey, with some surrounding weird photo stuff] [article?]

    Wednesday 2 August 1967
    USA (Long Beach, CA)
    INDEPENDENT/ PRESS-TELEGRAM (page 3) Social News In Lakewood by Anne Howe

    WOMEN'S DIVISION of the Great Lakewood Chamber of Commerce will gather bus loads of
    enthusiastic members and friends for a trip to the Hollywood Bowl August 18. The show' will be "
    Mamas and Papas
    ,” popular singing group [& Jimi Hendrix Ed.]. Cost complete with bus fare and
    seat is $5 per person and those interested in attending should contact Penny Granafel at the Greater
    Lakewood Chamber of Commerce for more info. Sounds like a pleasant way to spend a summer evening
    [I can’t imagine JHE went down well with this bunch! Ed.].
    That's all by Howe for now.

    Wednesday 2 (5) August 1967
    RECORD RETAILER (page 9) Britain’s Top 40 Albums
    5 (5) (11) Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix Experience (Track)
    (Page 10) Britain’s Top R&B L.P.’s
    9 (6) Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix Experience (Track)
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Wednesday 2 (3) August 1967
    USA (NYC, NY)
    VILLAGE VOICE (page 24) [Large B&W text ad.]
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    AUGUST 3, 4, 5 & 7
    opening the
    newest concept
    in rock club
    1 Sheridan Square675-3810
    Tickets on sale in advance day or night
    at the Salvation, 1 Sheridan 5quare

    Thursday 3 August 1967
    USA (NY)
    DAILY NEWS (page?) ‘New Spot’
    Salvation, a new discotheque, opens at one Sheridan Square tonight with theJimi Hendrix
    , an English-American rock and roll group.

    Thursday 3 (5) August 1967
    DISC & MUSIC ECHO (page 3) Top Ten LPs
    11-05-05. Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix, Track
    TONY HALL, the man largely responsible for the success of Decca’s Deram label, has joined Track
    —whose artists includethe Who and Jimi HendrixExperience — as consultant executive
    Under an agreement with Track men Kit Lambert andChris Stamp, he will be submitting
    master tape record
    ings for release throughTrack, whose releases are distributed through Polydor.
    Tony’s new firm, T.H.E., will also act as promotion consultants to the Track label.
    The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, the controversial “underground” group, is the latest signing with
    .H.E., and has a single rush-released in the States this week on the Atlantic label.
    (Page 5) [small B&W photo, ‘JIMI’]
    release 'mystery' disc as rival to Track record: A ROW is looming over the release by Decca of
    a "mystery" record featuring
    Jimi Hendrix—one week before his official new single on Track Records
    The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp").
    On August 11 Decca is issuing and giving top promotion to the single, "How Would, You Feel,"
    recorded in America some time ago and on which
    Jimi Hendrix both sings [Not! Ed.] and plays guitar.
    It was made at a time when Jimiwas playing with a group known as Curtis Knight and the Squires
    ut Decca proposes to bill the artists as "Jimi Hendrixand Curtis Knight."
    The record came to Decca from U.S. producer Ed Chalpin, the man responsible for the recent single by
    the late
    Jayne Mansfield.
    Said a Decca spokesman: "It is a very good record indeed, and we intend giving it top plugging. Curtis
    has never had a record released here before, but the voice is instantly recognisable as Jimi's."
    A spokesman for Track Records said: "If we can do anything to stop it, we will, of course."
    Hendrix, who recently quit the Monkees' States tour, has been booked to appear on the same bill as
    the Mamas and Papas at the world-famous Hollywood Bowl on August 18—two days before his
    scheduled return to Britain.

    Both the Monkees and Jimi Hendrix attended the wedding of Chas Chandler, former Animal and
    's co-manager, to Swedish girl Lotta Lexon, in New York's Warwick Hotel recently.
    (Page 6) ‘Disc - First With Pop Power!
    . . .
    Disc Man In America Derek Taylor helped organise one of the most talked about pop happenings of
    1967 -
    the Monterey Pop Festival last month.
    . . .
    FIRST to report the forthcoming Hendrix ‘Happening’ tour.
    (Page 14) OUR MAN IN AMERICA Derek Taylor
    Hollywood Tuesday
    • Mamas and Papas are delighted that Jimi Hendrix will be with them on their big Hollywood Bowl
    show soon.

    YOU Just Keep Me Hanging On (Atlantic) — Great, great, jump about. Oh, where are you Cream, and
    wouldn’t you have made a simply beautiful job of this? Yeah.

    New American group take the old Supremes hit, slow it down to dead slow, pull out all the stops and
    give it a
    Cream/ Hendrix treatment. And it works. It’s fascinatingly sexy, and I can’t stop playing it.
    It deserves to be a huge hit—and will be too.

    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Thursday 3 August 1967
    GÖTEBORGS TIDNINGEN (page?) [B&W pub. ‘cape’ photo, head & shoulders]
    The skilled pop guitarist Jimi Hendrix will be among the concentration of artists gathering at Liseberg
    on September 3. He played to two full houses last time at Liseberg - but since then he's achieved
    worldwide success and raised his fee a great deal. Liseberg is prepared to provide a helicopter in case
    there's difficulties transporting Jimi Hendrix and other artists by road. Liseberg will pay Jimi Hendrix
    four times as much as the last time. This time he will give only one performance at Konserthallen.
    Jimi Hendrix made big headlines last week, when he was banned from a tour with The Monkees in
    the USA. A mother's organization considered Jimitoo provocative and "erotic" for the young Monkees
    audience. Whether he left the tour voluntarily or was forced to leave is still unknown. In any case, Jimi
    is still in the USA and will stay there until August 20, when he returns to England.
    New single
    In the USA he finished recording his new single "Burning of the Midnight Lamp". It took 42 hours
    to record - as opposed to Jimi's "The Wind Cries Mary", which only took six minutes to finish. A
    vocal group is featured on the record - Aretha Franklin's girls Sweet Inspirations. One of Jimi's
    managers, Chas Chandler, ex bassist with The Animals, got married the other day in the USA -
    with a Swedish girl named Lotta. Present at the wedding were, of course: Jimi Hendrix - and The
    Monkees [NOT!].

    * Dagen H (H day), today mostly called "Hogertrafikomlaggningen" (The right-hand traffic diversion),
    was the day, 3 September 1967, on which traffic in Sweden switched from driving on the left-hand side
    of the road to the right. The "H" stands for "Hogertrafik", the Swedish word for right-hand traffic.

    Thursday 3 (5) August 1967
    MELODY MAKER (page 2) Top Ten LPs
    07-04-04. Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix, Track
    (Page 7)Tremeloes bring in the crowds in U.S.A.’
    “. . .The birds over here are exactly the same as in Ireland. We can understand Jimi Hendrix
    coming off that [Monkees] tour. We do get a bit near the mark occasionally and everybody here [ie UK]
    loves it. But in America we got complaints from the girls. Just like in Ireland — we pulled Dave’s

    shirt out and the girls came up and said it was disgusting. . . the Flower Power groups are only strong
    on the West Coast and in New York. Most of the groups were right old-fashioned-in dress and music.
    The best group we heard was Jimi Hendrix”. . .
    (Page 14) BANDS
    1/- per word
    TAMLA-SOUL, blues, Hendrix plus light machine the AKTIVATION. Available from August 27
    DRUMMER (18). Good gear, seeks pro, or semi-pro psychedelic or Hendrix group

    Thursday 3 August 1967
    USA (NY)
    NEW YORK TIMES (page 28L) Entertainment Events
    Salvation. 1 Sheridan Square. Jimi Hendrix Experience, rock ‘n’ group.

    Thursday 3(5) August 1967
    RECORD MIRROR(page 2) Your Page

    FINLAND POLL HERE are the results of a recent "Stump" magazine poll here in Finland and it
    shows how we lead the world in appreciating real pop talent. 1, Cream; 2, Beatles; 3, Who; 4, Jimi
    Hendrix Experience; 5, Hollies; 6, Beach Boys; 7, Spencer Davis; 8, Stones; 9, John Mayall's
    Bluesbreakers; 10. Move; 11 Monkees; 12, Moody Blues; 13, Kinks: 14, Cat Stevens;
    15, Traffic.
    A few notes: We've had the Monkees show since Christmas but none of their records got
    to number one . . . Jimi's LP high in the charts (singles!). Recent visitors Dave Dee, Cat Stevens,
    Moody Blues appreciated here . . . every single group performs "Happy Together" nowadays . . .
    cover by local group beat "Penny Lane" . . Sonny and Cher's recent "Little Man" top for three
    months . . , anybody interested inour scene, write to me: Mr. Jukka Wallenius, Kiriaskatu, 2D72
    Valkeakoski, Finland.
    (Page 4) Bill Harry’s Pop Talk
    . . . TONY HALL ENTERPRISES now promotion consultant to Track Records, who have THE JIMI

    (Page 10) Reader’s Club
    Gunn Haugen [girl], 15, Oslo, Norway.
    Stars— Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Who, Bluesbreakers, Otis Redding.
    Hobby and interests: Dance, boys, pop records, theatre (plays)
    ‘Newies from Monkees, Sinatra, Cliff plus a Hendrix oldie’:
    AMONG the new releases for the week ending August 11th is a Hendrix single, made with CurtisKnight
    (and also a
    Curtis Knight composition) recorded before Hendrix formed the Experience.
    Other new releases for that week include newies from the Monkees, Cliff Richard, and Frank Sinatra.
    All the records to be released on the 11th are as follows:
    DECCA. Jimi Hendrix and CurtisKnight How Would You Feel
    More Letters

    FINALLY after years and years of rebellion and pointless ridicule, pop music has found paths along
    which it can spread its gospel. On the U.S. West Coast, singers and musicians have united because
    their philosophies have coincided. They've found a musical way through the tangled cobweb of life. In
    Memphis,Detroit and New York, the coloured artistes struggle against an almost overwhelming power
    hate and intolerance [BULLSHIT!!], Pop music has become a vital part of their lives.
    In England, the Beatles and Dusty Springfield are all the time helping to improve the image of pop,
    but on
    different levels.
    Then along comes reader R. K. Cannings-Bushell with disparaging remarks about the record-buying
    Public not giving enough recognition to this so-called new wave of psychedelic
    Music [R.K. is talking bullshit as well! Ed.]. I mean, psychedelic music is nothing but noise, isn't it
    like all music? [what are you on about!?? Ed.] Then wherein lies the attraction? Nude birds?
    Amplified scissors? Distorted transistor-radios? Cascades of binding lights? Some of it I learned
    to stand, some of it I even got to like.
    But to mention "progress" in connection with Jimi Hendrix! [ok so you don’t like Jimi’s music - so what.
    No need to introduce this boring bit of opinion with a pile of unconnected twaddle.]
    My mind
    has been blown, man, Blown [apparently so. Ed.], If this is progress, long live Bill Haley.
    - Lars Giliberg, Linnegalan 7, Gothenburg S.W., Sweden.
    (Page 8) albums reviewed by Norman Joplin and Peter Jones
    I’D HAVE thought the Grateful Dead's music would have been much more insidious and acidy
    - but it turns out to be more in the vein of the Rolling Stones-or perhaps the Electric Prunes! The R &
    B influence is heavy-apart from the obvious blues "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl", "Morning
    Dew" is given a quasi "House Of The Rising Sun Treatment"- effective,too. The climax item, a ten
    minute version of their "Viola Lee Blues" has some good phases of excitement, and is reminiscent
    of Jimi Hendrix. Sorry about all the comparisons .

    (Page 11) Top [30] LPs
    5 Are You Experienced 4 Jimi Hendrix (Track)
    Britain’s Top
    [10] R&B Albums
    7 Are You Experienced 9 Jimi Hendrix (Track 604001)
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Friday 4 (12) August 1967
    BILLBOARD(cover) [colour banner ad across bottom of page for Reprise in ‘psychedelic’ style] NOW!
    [in wobbly text]
    (Page 20) Talent
    Lynne Randall Sees U. S. Tour 'Important Exposure''
    NEW YORK-Lynne Randall, a 17- year -old Australian pop songstress, has been touring with the Monkees
    in recent weeks in efforts to get what she calls "that important exposure in the

    States." . . .
    . . .In September, she will go to Hawaii, at the Honolulu International Center sharing the bill
    with the Who and Herman's Hermits. Plans also call for a September appearance in St. Louis at the
    Australian Trade Fair. In addition, she will play college and university dates this fall and a tentative
    concert appearance in Paris with the
    Jimi Hendrix Trio. She will appear in, Tasmania, Australia, this
    fall, too.
    . .
    (Pages 41-45) [Giant text full colour ad. LP cover photos]
    [Turn On Tune In WB/:R logo]
    The Year Of The Chart Imperatives!
    A Sledge-Hammer Succession Of Chart-Premised Product,
    Heavily Endowed With The Sound, Mood And Style Of Today's Salesworthy Ideas
    This Is The Year Of The Chart-Imperatives For Warner Bros. And Reprise!
    [Turn On Tune In WB/:R logo]
    [two pages of 21 full colour LP sleeves]
    Buttressed By The Penetrating, All-Out,Promotion Of A Typical Warner Bros. Exploitation Push !- -
    Intensive D
    J, Radio,TV Exposure; Consumer Excitation Via Newspaper And MagazineAds: Counter
    Window Displays, Outdoor Billboards --

    And The Unceasing Effort Of WB/:R Promotion Personell!
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience R-6261
    (Page 50) Regional Breakouts
    Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix Experience – Reprise 0597 (Sea-Lark, BMI) (Boston)
    (Page 59) From The Music Capitals Of The World
    ‘Brussels’ by Mike Hennessey
    . . .
    Barclay has released “The Wind Cries Mary,” by Jimi Hendrix.
    (Page 62) Hits Of The World
    New Zealand
    9 - PURPLE HAZE -Jimi Hendrix Experience (Track)
    (Page 63) From The Music Capitals Of The World
    ... Tony Hall's the Outfit is to promote track artists, including the Who and Jimi Hendrix. Hall
    has signed with Track's Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp to act as consultant executive producer for
    the label.
    . .
    (Page 66)Hot 100
    ‘Bubbling Under’
    111 Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix Experience

    Friday 4 (12) August 1967
    CASH BOX (page 10) Radio Active Chart
    Less than 10% but more than 5%
    Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix Reprise 9%
    (Page 56) Great Britain
    Lawrence Yaskiel in London for meetings with co-director Robert Stigwood told Cash Box that since
    Stigwood-Yaskiel Enterprises opened in Hamburg, Germany, six months ago success has been
    achieved on all fronts—recording, promotion, publishing and the acquistion of independent masters.
    Recording wise they recently cut a single by Esther and Abi Ofarim for international release by Philips.
    The duo are among Germany's best selling artists. On the promotion side the company can claim a
    string of chart successes by top talent including
    Jimi Hendrix, Eric Burdon and the Animals and
    the Bee Gees. Their greatest promotion coup to date has been the acquistion of A & M catalog which
    recently switched from Teldec to Deutsche Grammophon. Their publishing subsidiary, slezak
    Musikforlag, is sure of success in Germany with the Tremelo
    es CBS single "Even The Bad Times Are
    Good" penned by Peter Callander and Mitch Murray which Yaskiel picked up at Midem from Cyril
    Shane of Shapiro Bernstein.

    During Yaskiel's London visit, he also had meetings with Kudi Slezak at the Baker Street Offices of
    Slezak's newly formed British publishing company, Apple Music. A subsidiary of Nems Enterprises, the
    company will handle all composition by the Cream and the Bee Gees who are recorded by Robert
    Stigwood. Director of Ne
    ms. Apple Music also incorporates the companies of Dratleaf and Abigail.
    Apple Music has already been successful with the Bee Gees single "New York Mining Disaster"
    (Reaction) and is currently scoring with t
    he Cream's latest single "Strange Brew." Slezak is seeking
    new material from overseas as well as the U.K.

    Top Ten LPs
    4. Are You Experienced—Jimi Hendrix (Track)
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Friday 4 August 1967
    GO (cover) Hendrix Quits Monkees Tour (page3)
    (Page 3)Hendrix quits Monkees tour’
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience have left The Monkees’ tour because of adverse reactions to their
    performance from both adults and Monkees’ fans.
    Noel Redding, one of the Experience, told
    “It has nothing to do with The Monkees personally. We really like them and they like us.”
    The problems apparently arose because mothers who saw the show objected toJimi’s act. A
    representative for
    Hendrix said it was similar to the problems Elvis Presley had with his gyrations in
    the early days of rock ‘n roll.

    We received many letters of protest from people and decided to call a halt to the whole affair,” he

    Jimi says he is not worried about leaving the tour. He has a single out and wants to spend
    as much time as possible promoting it.

    After leaving the tour the group worked dates in New York City to capacity crowds, then flew to Seattle
    last weekend for a Mamas and Papas concert appearance.

    At first, his reception by Monkees fans was not what he would have liked and he received
    little advance publicity when the tour was advertised.

    (Page 4) Inside Track
    JIMI HENDRIX wandering around New York these eves, taking pictures with a flash camera. All he
    needs is one more stripe on his military jacket and he can call himself Sergeant Pepper . . .

    . . .Proving himself a power behind the scenes is MIKE JEFFRIES, manager for ERIC BURDON AND
    THE ANIMALS, ALAN PRICE, and co-manager for JIMI HENDRIX. . .
    [B&W photo, ‘Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding, of the Jiimi Hendrix
    , receive an “estimate” from an eager trio of New York barbers.
    The Doug Thompson Report

    No matter how hard they try, the members of the Jimi Hendrix Experience just can’t seem to keep
    out of the news. This time it’s
    Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell who have been getting involved.
    They were making the rounds of the male boutiques in New York, looking for clothes, when they passed
    a barbers shop.

    Mitch went along with the fun of the thing by asking for an estimate.

    Friday 4 August 1967
    USA (CA)
    LOS ANGELES FREE PRESS (#159) (page 7) [B&W ad with a cartoon of
    The Mamas and The Papas]
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Scott McKenzie
    + More To Come
    Hollywood Bowl
    Friday, August 18
    8:30 P.M.
    Presented by:
    $6.00, 5.50, 5.00, 4.50, 3.50, 2.50, 1.50 at Hollywood Bowl offices,
    Auto Club, Wallichs City Stores, all Mutual Agencies,
    all House of Sight & Sound Stores • HO 9 3151.
    Also 6-8-67, p.6

    Friday 4 August 1967
    NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS (page 3) ‘I’m No Professional Flower Child Says Scott McKenzie’
    During the Monterey Festival Scott had occasion to watch the Jimi Hendrix Experience who
    last week removed from theMonkees tour for alleged vulgarity.
    " I saw nothing wrong with Hendrix's stage act," said Scott. "It certainly never offended me.
    It was very exciting. Some peopleare finding difficulty distinguishing between deceit and truth.
    Lenny Bruce's act was the cleanest I had
    ever seen."
    (Page 5)Britain’s Top 15 LPs
    11-04-04. Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix Experience
    03-RE-15. Small Faces - Small Faces

    (Page 7) ...And Other New Releases Include . . . Old Hendrix Single
    . . .A Jimi Hendrix single recorded before he rose to stardom, is being released by his former label.
    Jimi Hendrix co-wrote "How Would You Feel,” [No, he is just “Arranger”. Ed.] which was recorded
    in N
    ew York and is issued next week by Decca. A representative of his present label commented:
    "Jimi only plays guitar on this disc, and we want Decca to make it clear that he is not a featured

    Tony Hall Signs Deal with Who-Hendrix Track Label’
    TONY HALL who recently quithis position as promotion manager with DeccaRecords, has been
    appointed Con
    sultant Executive Producer to Track Recordsthe label for which the Who and Jimi
    ndrix record, […etc.]
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Friday 4 August 1967
    USA (CA)
    PASADENA STAR-NEWS (page A-8) On The Town
    dining * dancing * entertainment
    Bowl Signs Mamas, Papas
    The Mamas and the Papas singing group [& JHE]are scheduled to appear at the Hollywood Bowl
    Friday, Aug. 18, during a brief stay here.

    The famous vocal-instrumental group is currently on the crest of a tremendous wave of popularity
    throughout the nation.

    Their latest record, "Monday, Monday" has hit the 3-million plus mark, having sold 160,000 copies
    the first day of its release.”

    Friday 4 August 1967
    RAVE (page 8) [full page colour photo poster of Jimi in red velvet jacket]
    (Page 9) [small B&W photo] ‘Wild Man!’ [in large psyche text. 1 June? Upper Berkeley St? interview]
    Dawn James:Jimi Hendrix, way-out pop star. Is there anything he knows is wrong and never

    "I play it by ear, man. There's one thing I never do, clean my teeth with hair spray!"
    Laughter filled the flat in Upper Berkeley Street as Mr. Hendrix's road manager, his drummer and a
    friend appreciated his wit. Here was something of the Proby pageantry, the followers who stand a
    little behind and laugh and admire. But
    Jimi Hendrix claims he doesn't need people.
    "I guess I could do without them. In fact, sometimes I’d rather be alone. I like to think.
    Yes, gee man, I’m a thinker. I can really get lost thinking about my music. But then I think
    so much I have to get out among people again. I hear music in my head all the time.
    Sometimes it makes my brain and the room starts to turn. I feel I'm going mad. So I go to
    the clubs and get plastered. Man, I get real paralytic. But it saves me.
    " His is rather a twilight
    world. Music is life to him, but because of music he adopts strange values and unorthodox escapes.
    He gets up when the sun is setting, and breathes in the smoke-caked air of basement beat bistros.
    His friends are musicians. His hopes are married to music.

    “It’s all I really care for. My ambitions are tied up with it. Even my girlfriends are part of it
    because I meet them where there is music, and they are part of the scene I associate with

    He doesn't have a steady girl.
    “I don't meet any girls I could be serious about," he said, and rolled his eyes, and shrugged.
    "Sure I'd like to meet a real nice girl, one I could talk to like she was a fellow. But I’ve had
    so many girls and they're all the same. The ones I meet look good and make you feel like a
    man, but you can't talk to them. I get cross with them because they just talk gossip. I get
    sad about all the girls I see walking on the street when I’m in a taxi-cab, because I’ll never
    meet them, and perhaps one of them is the right girl for me."

    He has had three hit records. What does he think he has to offer pop and what has pop to offer him

    "I’ve got a lot to offer pop,"he said. "I care so much about my work. I record stuff I believe
    is great. Pop has less to offer me back because it is run by people who only talk about what
    is commercial."

    Jimi talks freely but he isn't easy to reach. A shutter comes down and a facade puts you off just as
    you close in. He has lived a hard, full life. His parents were separated and his mother died when he
    was a small child. He went to live with an uncle and aunt.

    "So? Lots of kids have it tough," he said, casually, but added, "I ran away from home a couple
    of times because I was so miserable. When my dad found out I’d gone he went pretty mad
    with worry. But then I don't really care about other people's feelings."

    When did Jimi return home?
    "When I realized my dad was upset. Not that I cared, but well, he is my dad."
    Jimi has super manners. When he asks you out he says,
    "Would you do me the honour of dating me tonight?"
    When he leaves a room you are in, he says,
    "Excuse me for a moment please."
    When he meets you he shakes hands and says,
    "Nice seeing you."
    Somewhere deep down beneath the raving recording star there is a lot of old-world charm.
    He says he doesn't know himself well.
    "I can't say what makes me happy or sad. It has to happen before I know. It doesn't happen
    the same each time either. I must say that people being rude about me doesn't ever bother
    me now. The only time I get uneasy is when I know that pop critics and writers are waiting
    for me to fail so they can jump all over me. This is how pop is. You have a hit record and,
    gee, they love you! But you have one failure and they kill you. It's like a tight rope.

    "I get kinda tense before a show. I like to be left alone to think. My road manager tries to
    keep the dressing room free from people then. If people corne in I find a corner
    somewhere else. I have to think myself into my act. I can't just turn on."

    How is he affected by other people's music?
    "Again I can't define it. A blues or a sad melody can make me real happy. I am affected by
    sounds though. They can change my mood." He has no religion.

    "Religion is all the same—Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, it's just a lot of reasonable
    commercial quotes that sell because they're somewhere between very good and very bad,
    and people can easily hang on to that. It gives them something to believe in."

    I asked him if he likes his looks.
    "I've learned to live with them. The hair is rather wild, but it grows that way, and I look
    awful with it short and neat. The clothes aren't deliberate. I pick up what I feel like
    wearing when I dress. They represent my mood."

    I looked at the scarlet and purple and orange. Was he in a gay mood?
    He shook his head. "Gee no, I'm quite melancholy today," he said.
    It would be hard on the eyeballs if one caught him when he was wild with joy!
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Friday 4 (12) August 1967
    RECORD WORLD (page 42) ‘New Breed Of Nashville Cat’ by Buzz Cason
    A new breed of "Nashville Cat" is emerging on the record scene here in the Music City.
    Rhythm and Blues music is definitely being pursued by a small but active group of producers and

    companies amid the usual "Nashville (C&W) Sound."
    R&B has always shared the musical spotlight locally in one form or another, and some of the biggest
    stars in the business "cut their teeth" at Nashville R&B night clubs, going as far back as Little Richard
    and Ray Charles and as recent as England's current idol,
    Jimi Hendrix.. .
    . . .Other indie producers tossing their hats into the ring are Bill "Hoss" Allen producing recently
    for the Hollywood label. . .
    (Page 63) R&B Artists' Booking Agencies
    Premier Talent Associates Inc. 200 W. 57th Street New York, N. Y. Spencer Davis Group
    Hendrix Experience
    Terry Knight Show Staple Singers Crystals Shirelles Ruby & The
    Exciters Mitch Ryder Show The Casinos ? & The Mysterians Magnificent Men Mandala
    Lenny Welch Bobby Freeman Sammy Turner

    (Pages 71-74)
    [Giant text full colour ad. LP cover photos same as above in Billboard]
    [LP cover]
    ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? The Jimi Hendrix Experience R-6261
    (Page 88)
    Singles Coming Up
    21 PURPLE HAZE (Sea Lark, BMI)Jimi Hendrix Experience - Reprise 0597

    (Page 89) Money Music by Karl Rudman
    Paul Powers: WRKO, Boston, Giants: Sonny & Cher; Beach
    Jimi Hendrix; Jay & Techniques.
    Great. Turtles. "Everlasting Love," . . .
    . . .Paul Powers, WRKO, Boston, Smash: Jay & Techniques, is #13; #12 is Jim Hendrix. Pick:
    Supremes. Going on: "Everlasting Love," . . .

    Friday 4 August 1967
    USA (Palo Alto, CA)
    STANFORD (uni) DAILY (page 6) [B&W photo ad, Jimi clipped from AYE cover]
    We Expect It THIS WEEKEND The record everyone was waiting for.
    Absolutely Broke-up the Monterey Festival
    At the very low price of 3.32 Mono & Stereo
    The JIMI HENDRIX Experience including PURPLE HAZE [Reprise logo]
    DISCOUNT records, Inc.Menlo Park

    Saturday 5 (12) August 1967
    USA (Los Angeles, CA)
    BEAT (KRLA) (page 10) U.K. POP NEWS ROUND-UP by Tony Barrow
    Addition of the JIMl HENDRIX EXPERIENCE to THE MONKEES' U.S. summer concert tour a direct
    result of the tremendous impact Hendrix made in Monterey . . JOHN LENNON shaved off his
    moustache the day before THE BEATLES appeared on the global TV show "Our World”. . . Within 24
    hours of THE MONKEES" arrival in London MICKY DOLENZ made a totally unscheduled personal
    appearance on BBC Television's "Top Of The Pops" program, chatted with the show's zany dee-jay
    JIMMY SAVILE. Responsible for persuading him to be there was "Top Of The Pops" disc girl
    SAMANTHA JUSTE . . . THE WHO issued a High Court libel writ against top deejay SIMON DEE.
    Case involves a Dee feature carried by Melody Maker... BBC answer to England's pop pirate radio
    stations [ie Radio One] will go on the air September 30 with a "robust music" policy which will mix
    records with 'live' studio performances by groups, orchestras and solo vocalists. Sounds like a dismal
    substitute for the lively RADIO LONDON and RADIO CAROLINE! [...]

    Saturday 5 August 1967
    FABULOUS 208 (page?) Mo & Don’s Letter Box
    Hendrix Size?
    What size shirt does Jimi Hendrix wear? I love his singing but I think he looks a bit weird! Andrea,
    Park Grove, Yorkshire.
    (Mo here.)
    Jimi wears a 15 1/2 shirt, Andrea. I wonder why you want to know?!

    Saturday 5 August 1967
    HITWEEK (page 2?) [photo of Jimi from] PRE EXPERIENCE SINGLE [review]
    Burning Of The Midnight Lamp

    Saturday 5 August 1967
    JACKIE [huge circulation, ‘later-teens’ market, girls magazine] (page?) [pink background box
    with B&W photo of smiling JH in ‘Hussars’ jacket]
    ‘loves and hates of
    I Love:
    Reading science fiction • Mountains • Daydreaming • Bob Dylan’s voice and songs •
    Chocolate milk shakes • Colours blue, black, red and purple • Groups like
    the Beatles
    the Cream • Hair • Getting out in the country • Strawberry shortcake • Seeing
    starring Paul Newman and Natalie Wood • Spaghetti • Blues music • fruit juice •
    shirts • Playing discs on my hi-fi • Freak out • Travelling in comfort • Beautiful,
    American cars • California, where the weather is really fantastic • Guitar playing of
    Clapton, Jeff Beck and Vic Briggs • British scene • Playing what I like and pleasing
    people at the same time • Song writing • Painting landscapes
    I Hate:
    People who try to put a tag on you • Making plans • TV, it’s a drag • The Monkees • Mashed
    potatoes • English foods • “In” clubs • Staying in one place too long • Marmalade
    • Having
    my hair cut • Cold sheets • Pale colours • Seeing good musicians go to waste •
    Feeling bored
    • Not having the most fantastic voice in the world • Cramped cars •
    Travelling rough •
    Sharing my sleeping quarters with cockroaches or fleas • Narrow-
    mindedness • Prejudice •
    Feeling overtired.

    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Saturday 5 (12) August 1967
    USA (CA)
    SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER (page 10) KYA’s Top 30: Beatles Stay No. 1
    The Beatles keep their hold on the No. 1 spot in this week's
    KYA Radio survey of Bay Area pop record sales.
    Here are the new standings, with last week’s in parentheses:
    01 (01) All You Need Is Love/The Beatles
    Baby, You’re a Rich Man
    02 (17) Ode to Billy Joe Bobbie Gentry
    03 (11) San Francisco Nights TheAnimals
    04 (04) White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane
    05 (05) I Was Made to Love Her Stevie Wonder
    06 (02) Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Frankie Valli
    07 (07) Pleasant Valley Sunday/Words Monkees
    08 (03) Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix Experience
    09 (06) Light My FireDoors
    10 (08) Tramp Otis & Carla
    11 (14) Bluebird Buffalo Springfield
    12 (19) Cold Sweat James Brown
    13 (10) More Love Smokey & The Miracles
    14 (09) Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Buckinghams
    15 (16) A Girl Like You Young Rascals
    16 (22) Come Back When You Grow Up Bobby Vee
    17 (20) Silence Is Golden Tremeloes
    18 (24) Blindman/All Is Loneliness Big Brother & Holding Company
    19 (26) Baby, I Love You Aretha Franklin
    20 (21) Gentle on My Mind Glen Campbell
    21 (23) Soul Finger Bar-Kays
    22 (27) Fakin’ It Simon & Garfunkel
    23 (25) Ha, Ha Said the ClownYardbirds
    24 (29)Heroes & Villains Beachboys
    25 (30)Mountain Donovan
    26 (--) Reflections TheSupremes
    27 (28) Thank the Lord for the Night Time Neil Diamond
    28 (—) Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie Jay & The Techniques
    29 (—) The Letter The Box Tops
    30 (—) Try, Try, Try Jim Valley

    Saturday 5 August 1967
    USA (San Mateo, CA)
    THE TIMES (page 16A) KYA TOP 30
    8 (3) Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix Experience

    Sunday 6 August 1967
    USA (MI)
    DETROIT FREE PRESS (page 11B) Detroit Free Press Stereo/Radio/Bridge
    Pop Records
    Jimi Hendrix: The Savage Sound That Took London’ by Lorraine Alterman, Free Press Teen Writer
    From the state of Washington but making his impact first in London,
    Jimi Hendrix takes us into a
    new world marked by a strange savage beauty. "
    Are You Experienced" (Reprise), The Jimi
    Hendrix Experience
    's first album, gives Americans a chance to see what London pop fans have
    been raving about.

    Hendrix's guitar bears down on you. It compels you to listen. His voice has a fierce power too. There's
    nothing gentle or lovely about it.

    The numbers on the album are all Hendrix originals with one exception. There are touches of Bob
    Dylan, the blues and the Yardbirds in his style, but everything is molded uniquely into
    The Jimi
    Hendrix Experience
    . Cuts like "I Don't Live Today" and "Third Stone From the Sun" prove that
    mind-blowing music — psychedelic if you wish — can be musical, not just a frenzy of noise.

    It's been a mark of prestige amongst hip followers of the pop scene to have Hendrix's British -
    released album. Now at last everyone interested in pop can — and should — undergo
    the Jimi
    Hendrix Experience

    Sunday 6 August 1967
    USA (CA)
    LOS ANGELES FREE PRESS (page?) [B&W ad cartoon flowers wi photo faces of
    The Mamas and The Papas]
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Plus extra added attraction . . . Scott McKenzie
    More To Come
    Hollywood Bowl
    Friday, August 18
    8:30 P.M.
    Presented by:
    $6.00, 5.50, 5.00, 4.50, 3.50, 2.50, 1.50 at Hollywood Bowl,
    all offices Auto Club, Wallichs City Stores, all Mutual Agencies,
    all House of Sight & Sound Stores • HO 9 3151.
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Sunday 6? August 1967 USA (San Francisco, CA)
    MOJO NAVIGATOR (Vol 2, No 2 [The final issue]). (Cover) [large B&W photo: “Jimi Hendrix in
    the Panhandle [part of Golden Gate Park, in SF's Haight district], playing [with his teeth] hard on
    his guitar” (by David Greenfield)]

    (Page?) ‘Record Reviews’ The Jimi Hendrix Experience/ Are You Experienced (Track 612. 001)
    by David Harris

    Yes we were. Jimi Hendrix, Noel Reddingand Mitch Mitchell are without doubt the most
    important musical, and in some ways, dramatic, happening in the world today, as this English L.P. and
    their appearances locally have proved,
    Hendrix has shaped his music, his stance, his stageshow, and
    his cool out of a myriad of definable and an infinity of indefinable influences; and yet from this
    synthesis emerges a completely unique and original genre. One can see elements of
    Bob Dylan, Bo
    , Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, etc, in the music; the stage show is a ballet, a bullfight (with
    Hendrix as the matador), a religious ritual, a sexual act, and an unbelievable display of musical
    understanding, originality and technique, all at once.

    This album contains eleven tracks which were recorded several months ago in England. They
    accurately represent one day of
    Hendrix; since this album was made he has improved a good deal,
    and in any event, much of his music is improvised. (When asked to perform certain, songs on this
    album at the Fillmore,
    Hendrix admitted “that he had forgotten” them, and stated that he had made
    them up at the session and had never played them since!) The quality of the music on this album is
    superb. All the tunes contained herein are original; included are these tracks, all destined for the
    stature of classics: ("
    Foxy Lady", "Manic Depression”, “Red House", "CanYou See Me", "Love
    or Confusion
    ", "I Don’t Live Today", "May This Be Love". "Fire", "Third Stone From The Sun",
    Remember", and "Are You Experienced") These numbers are at least as strong lyrically as
    they are musically
    ; and Hendrix, unlike almost every contemporary poet or lyricist, seems only too
    willing to explain any symbolism or, for that matter, anything else about his music and words which
    the listener may not understand.
    Several times duringhis numerous radio interviews in San
    he specifically explained the "message" or plot structure behind one of his
    songs, and the relationship of that given song to his life and
    experience. This album must be
    heard to be believed; same goes for
    the Jimi Hendrix Experience in person. As of now, to hear
    the album one must order it from England; however, Reprise Records will soon release the American
    version of this L.P., which may include somewhat different songs. Just to set the record straight, I will
    list the other tracks which
    Hendrix has issued in various single releases on both sides of the Atlantic:
    Hey Joe", "StoneFree", "Purple Haze", "51st Anniversary", "The Wind Cries Mary" and
    Highway Child". In person he does so many other unique and all around hairy musical trips based
    around other people's songs, like "
    Wild Thing", "Two Trains Running" [(ie ‘Catfish Blues’) - This is
    earlier Butterfield Band song title of which Jimi’s ‘Catfish Blue’s is near identical in structure to,
    it uses the same two verses from Muddy Waters’
    Rollin’ Stone and his ‘Still A Fool’, but just
    , 'Like A Rolling Stone", "Have Mercy" [sic. ‘Mercy, Mercy’], and of course his
    unforgettable version of Howlin' Wolf's "
    Killing FloorBlues" [sic. just - ‘Killing Floor’] (it opens up
    with an explosive guitar solo, proceeds into the construction of a musical experience which can only
    be described as "tough") that one would hope for the inclusion of all these tracks on some later

    Jimi Hendrix has made a major breakthrough in the struggle toward the integration of all forms
    of music into one form. He has demonstrated that given sufficient technique, an artist can assimilate
    and use any and all types of sound in the formation of an emotionally compelling and deeply
    personal style.
    Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell embody the musicians of the future, in that they
    interact so well as a rhythm section in
    Hendrix's improvised lines. In addition, Noel Redding has
    one of the freakiest backup voices I've ever heard. One really hopes that the mes
    sage of The
    will soon start getting to the people for whom it will be most unsettling, the class of
    folks labelled by Tom Wolfe as "the great grey burghers". It will be fun to 'watch them squirm’ when

    achieves the giant success in this country which he so rightly deserves.
    These records and all the latest releases are available at discount in San Francisco at M5, Market
    & 5th.

    (Pages 29-30 & 38) ‘Monterey: A Splendid Time For All’ by Mike Daly
    It's too bad this article couldn't have come out, for that matter, been written, about three weeks
    ago - because if you don't put if down right away and read about it right away, you lose a lot of the
    feeling and spontaneity of the thing. Anyway, by now I'm sure you've all heard about it and how
    great it was, which is really true. It was like for two days you were in this surrounding of music and
    color and being happy and people in your own scene (although I did see Doug McClure in his neatly
    pressed White Levis and tennies, and the windbreaker with the collar pulled up, you know). And like
    nothing else in the world existed for a while. It was really nice to forget everything and just hear all
    this music, look at all these things, and just dig it – a new world to live in for a couple of days. You
    could walk around the fairgrounds and see people like Paul Simon, looking so conservative and little,
    like a graduate student at some eastern college - and I can just imagine all these beautiful thoughts
    curlycuing out of his head - he looked happy. And
    Brian Jones, who looked just exquisite with a long,
    flowing, flowered cloak topped with a huge ermine collar - like Mae West in drag, he too looked happy.
    Oh, and Skip Spence of the Moby Grape looked happiest of all, in fact he was so happy that he was
    able to talk to me with his eyes closed and somehow still know who he was talking to.

    Okay, and now to the music: I missed Friday night's show in favor of seeing The Who at Fillmore,
    so I can't say much about the opening program except that from what I heard, it wasn't really that
    tough. When I got there Saturday afternoon, Frank Cook of Canned Heat was down on his knees on
    stage, rolling over, sloshing about, and yelling out, in his best pseudo-spade preaching technique,
    Bobby Marchan's "There Is Something On Your Mind"; it seemed pretty shitty but the longer they
    were on the more I began to think that maybe they were into it to a degree that was much deeper
    than the average White Blues Group - I don't know - but when their other singer did Johnny "Guitar"
    Watson's "Those Lonely, Lonely Nights", it really came off. Big Brother came on and Janis Joplin came
    off - very well in fact.. The group itself really isn't that good, as many people think - they still don't
    know much at all about arranging a number — as their records show, nor do they seem to know much
    about changes other than variations on basic blues riffs - rep
    etition seems to be one of their
    mainstays. And Jim Gurley seems to be almost wasting his great lead ability in favor of functioning as
    a competent rhythm guitarist.

    Of the other San Francisco groups who played that afternoon, I think Steve Miller fared the best,
    although I still don't think that much of them - there is more to music than being able to play the
    blues at three times their normal speed. Country Joe and the Fish were kind of a disappointment,
    although I like their LP quite a bit, they just didn't seem to come off here - I don't know, maybe it
    was a bad day for them or something. And the Quicksilver I really, and I'm sure everybody else does
    too, wish they would come up with some new material - I mean, they try but there just doesn't seem
    to be much there, and the same songs over and over and over. At Monterey they really seemed kind
    of second-rate, just a cut below everybody else.

    Both Butterfield and Bloomfield have now added two horns to their groups trumpet and sax, and
    the added fullness worked pretty well for both, although I don't think their parts (the horns) were
    worked in smoothly enough or to their full advantage in the context of the groups' sound - in other
    words they seemed tacked on just for a bigger sound.
    Butterfield did a beautiful slow blues, that he
    prefaced by saying "This is one of the most beautifull songs I've ever heard", a L
    owell Fulsom number called "Tollin' Bells" that was really a gas: a death march-like thing that
    , who is now playing lead, would accentuate by striking a note to indicate the "tollin" bells",
    very moving. And it was really a gas when
    Butterfield introduced his new bass player: "Buggsey. . .
    (Something) from Omaha, Nebraska" (and that really sounded funny), and this little guy comes out,
    and in a high, falsetto blues voice starts wailing
    Chuck Berry's "Wee, Wee Hours", it broke everybody
    up -- really great.
    Bloomfield's new group, the Electric Flag (at least at the time of the festival that
    was their name), as everybody knows by now, was one of the great successes of the festival.
    Fronting some of the best musicians in the business - Harvey Brooks on bass (he played in
    road band, I think); Barry Goldberg on organ ; Nick Gravenit
    es on congas and vocals; the incredible
    Buddy Miles
    on drums and lead vocals; somebody (I think) whose name escapes me, on rhythm;
    Bloomfield himself on lead they just swing like hell - incredibly hard, heavy and full. And it was
    beautiful to see
    Mike Bloomfield's face after they finished their set (their debut) -so happy and
    excited at the tremendous reception they received, a standing ovation and an encore.

    Moby Grape opened up Saturday night's show, and although looking like they come on very tight
    and professional, I think their music, basically and actually, is very thin - there's just not that much
    there at all; and Skip Spence's bit of jumping around a lot and looking really excited and turned on
    and trying to get this over to the audience, wears thin about the second or third time you've seen it.
    The worst and only real drag of the festival (although Laura Nyro was too but hers was a shorter set)
    was Hugh Masekela, and man, he was really bad. But even worse than his music, which was a kind of
    second-rate pseudo-jazz (Ramsey Lewis with more instruments) was the fact that he was allowed to
    play for an incredible fifty-five minutes - horrible! I've no desire to draw a line betwren rock and jazz,
    but what was he doing up there anyway? Was it because he's a friend of the Byrds or something?
    Whatever it was, it was terrible; and his singing - "Society’s Child" and "Here, There and Everywhere"
    - was atrocious.

    The Byrds I have heard much better before, and Dave Crosby's comments and little sermons about
    acid, and the fact that
    Paul McCartney now takes it, and the Kennedy assassination, came off
    sounding very sophomoric; and the STP sticker on his guitar didn't make it either. Laura Nyro came on
    with all the drama and flair that I suppose is well known to audiences at the
    Las Vegas supper club
    French extravaganza productions, the only trouble being that Monterey is not the Sands Hotel, and a
    pop festival isn't the "Lido de Paris", fortunately. With two spade chicks flanking her and singing some
    kind of fake
    spiritual: "Eli's Comin', woe, woe. .." she looked, as Richard Goldstein in the Village Voice
    put it, ". the third act of Medea", a real bomb. "Yes Laura, you're definitely going to make it, now
    lemme see... yeah, next week, we've got you the headliner spot at Bimbo's..."

    Because I've been kind of down on their music for such a long time, I've just never really liked it
    that much, I don't feel I could give much of a review to the Airplane, although I did like Jack Cassady's
    bass work and Grace's singing; overall I guess they came off pretty well. Booker T. and the M.G.'s
    were really a gas, just playing their funky R&B instrumentals - drums, organ, lead and bass - very tight
    and down-home swinging. Otis Redding closed Saturday night's show (Booker T. and the boys stayed
    to back him, plus the Mar-keys - two horn men), and Otis, bouncing out on stage, in about five
    seconds had the whole audience completely with him - he's got some kind of incredible, dynamic
    magnetism that just reaches out and grabs you: dipping down, screaming, bouncing and trotting all
    over the stage, he socks it right to ya! So happy and turned on to what he's doing - it's really a gas
    to watch him.

    The whole of Sunday afternoon was devoted to Ravi Shankar: incense, very soft, very gentle,
    explaining, what he was doing, how his instrument worked, clapping and turning his hands in time
    to Alia Rakha on tabla, smiling serenely, nodding his head, concentrating, the soloing, the brilliant
    interwoven exchanges in a duet between the two, the mild and then very heavy and complex ragas,
    his exchanges of love and friendship with the audience - a brilliant, demanding, fascinating
    exhibition of virtuosity, marred only by the noise of jets overhead and the insistant clicking of the
    photographers' cameras. Although I wonder if he would have been invited if
    George Harrison was
    not his pupil.

    Sunday night's show opened with the Blues Project, who, didn't impress me much with their jazz-
    rock orientation or their new organist, who seemed very affected, like he was trying to tell the
    audience that at last the group had a real soul brother. The Buffalo Springfield came off very well -
    this was the first time I had seen them and they did some very nice, melodic ballads and also swung
    pretty well on their up-tempo numbers. The Dead were really a gas -doing about four or five long
    numbers, the major part of each being a fantastically tight instrumental excursion with each guy just
    using his axe to cut in and out of and around and through what the other guys were doing – like
    watching the insides of a watch working.

    With Pete Townshend looking like a twisted Merlin the Magician armed with a rubber guitar,
    the Who proceeded to attack a repertoire which included their current hit, "Happy Jack"; their
    album's mini-opera, "A Quick One While He's Away"; their new record, "Pictures of Lily"; and that old
    favorite, Eddie Cochran's "
    Summertime Blues"; which they completely demolished - like wringing
    out a wet towel, they extracted everything possible from the song and it lay there, wasted, when
    they had done with it. They closed, literally, as well as figuratively, with "My Generation"-
    stammering out the words, Keith Moon kicking away his double drum set, Pete setting
    off smoke bombs and smashing his guitar, while off to the side, John Entwhistle managed to keep
    some semblance of a beat going with his bass. Although they didn't seem quite as turned on as they
    were at Fillmore and the audience didn't seem to appreciate them as much, they were brilliant, which
    seems to be the rule for them. Somebody should have told the stage crew what to expect, though,
    because one of the technicians almost lost his head while trying to rescue a microphone in the vicinity
    Pete Townshend, who was busy raising his guitar and hammering it into the stage.
    Heard to remark backstage during the Who's devastating finale; "What can I do for an encore
    to that?
    " Jimi Hendrix showed everybody that he could come up with something. In between
    playing some great guitar and some really heavy numbers, he also screwed his guitar, coming on it
    with lighter fluid, and set it afire, offering it; as he put it, as "
    a sacrifice of love... " for the audience
    of his first appearance back home in America. Oh, come on
    Jimi, that's a big shuck, and you know it
    as well as I do - if there was any sacrifice it was offered for the sake of showmanship. It was kind of
    ironic and puzzling to see how excited the audience got over the violence and destruction of
    and the Who - with
    the Who I can see it, because their music develops into this somewhat naturally,
    but with
    Hendrix the whole thing comes off as just a jive he’s putting on the audience and a lot of
    people seemed to get really turned on by the routine.

    In spite of all their slick professionalism, the Mamas and Papas still managed to come off pretty
    well, closing the festival Sunday night. They gave you that feeling: gee, wasn’t it a groovy thing. . .
    They are one of the few groups that could get away with that bullshit showbiz routine-you know:
    the little intros to each number, the rapping about each other between songs, and the obvious jokes
    about Cass’ weight and her baby (is that what ‘professionalism’ is?). But like I’ve said before, with
    them it wasn’t
    that offensive.”
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Sunday 6 August 1967
    RADIO LONDON {broadcast}. The final DJ Climber list, the singles were shared between a current
    DJ and one who had previously served on Big L. These would be promo copies, sometimes acetates,
    which were then recorded onto cartridges.

    DJ Climbers Release date
    The Sound Of The Summer - Chocolate Watch Band. 11/08/67 Chuck Blair & Dave Cash
    Good Times - Eric Burdon and the Animals. 1/09/67 Tony Brandon & Chris Denning
    Foolin' Around - Chris Montez. 11/08/67 Ian Damon & Pete Brady
    It's A Happening World - Tokens. 11/08/67 Pete Drummond & Earl Richmond
    Pattern People - Glenn Weston. 18/08/67 Paul Kaye & Dave Dennis
    Forever - Dave Berry. 11/08/67 Mike Lennox & Kenny Everett
    The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp - Jimi Hendrix Experience. 1/09/67 John Peel &
    Norman St John
    Happy - Sunshine Company. 18/08/67 Mark Roman & Duncan Johnson
    The World We Knew (Over And Over) - Frank Sinatra. 11/08/67 Ed Stewart & Tony
    I'll Coat Your Mind With Honey - New Christy Minstrels. 4/08/67 Tommy Vance &
    Tony Blackburn
    Is It Love – Jon. 18/08/67 Willy Walker & Keith Skues

    Tuesday 8 August 1967
    USA (DC)
    WASHINGTON AFRO-AMERICAN (page 1) ‘Hippies quit favorite scene’ By JOHN LEWIS
    Black Power prevails at Du Pont Circle.
    Since the Newark and Detroit revolts, the threat of major racial violence has run like an underground
    stream through the popular park a
    t Massachusetts and Connecticut Aves. NW, not breaking through,
    but fre
    quently sending warning bubbles to the surface.
    Vigorous Black Power talks and debates have scared away the usual mixed couples.
    Many of the flower-wearing, skin-painted white hippies have also left the park, particularly at night,
    it's too much of a hassle."
    * * *
    ONE OF the much publicised "hassles" was the stripping of a white girl of all her clothes by a group
    of males.

    Another is the discomfort they feel at nighttime Black Power discussions when black radicals argue
    the necessity
    for guerrilla warfare against the "hunkie" establishment.
    A 20-year-old white girl who has frequented the Dupont Circle area for over two years said that the
    "hippies" have b
    een wandering away over the course of the summer."
    "The percentage of white people is greater in the day," she said, sitting by the side of the 18-inch
    ool of water which cascades down from the sides of a chalice-shaped fountain.
    “By night," she said, "more and more black people come into the Circle."
    * * *
    DURING THE two weeks after the Detroit rebellion, the area at night became a battleground of Black
    Power d
    ebates and minor racial fisticuffs.
    At midnight on a weekend at least six groups of 10 or more people gathered on thesidewalk around
    the marble fountain to argue about black v
    iolence in the ghetto.
    Young, black revolutionaries, many of them spilling over from 14th and U, verbally attacked whites
    who argued that "you'll never get anything by rioting."

    "We are tired of askingthe white man to give to us," the revolutionaries answer. Love,moderation,
    non-violencehasn't changed "whitey" in 300 yeas, they say.
    "Violence is the only thing you people understand," they spit out at moderate young Whites who live
    in the Maryland or Virginia suburbs.
    * * *
    THE DEBATE often takes a nasty turn when a white says, "Black people are in such a small minority.
    They wouldn't have a chance
    in a war with white people."
    That’sall right hunkie,"a black radical will say. "We are ready to die rather than be slaves, and
    hen we do, we are going to take your cities with us."
    "Take your cities with us" translates to "burn, baby, burn," and thisis what must be done, the Black
    advocates argue in the Circle, if white people continue to oppressBlack people.
    "We will burn the cities down," one black-oriented college graduate often says to visibly frightened
    hites, "and then we will start building together on an equal footing."
    * * *
    BLACK POWER "Winos,angry at whites arguing that colored people are making progress, sometimes
    shout out, "hit thathunkie."
    A few whites have been attacked, but the encounters
    * * *
    ONE REASON is the increased number of Park Police assigned to the Circle. From a normal patrol of
    men, the Park Police grew to over 30 at the height of the tensions a week ago.
    Police Chief John B. Layton told a Congressional investigating committee that the Metropolitan Police
    was watching the area very closely with detectives and wa
    s taking safeguards to prevent a major
    racial outbreak from starting.

    * * *
    SOME INCIDENTS take place outside the immediate Circle area,"We beat up a hunkie at P Street
    Beach," a wiry, 18-year-old says proudly, ''and then threw him in the water.

    Many black regularslike Carl Robinson, 24, originally from Pittsburgh. N.Y., are apprehensive about
    the new Black Power mood.

    * * *
    ROBINSON, WHO has a white girlfriend says that he has not brought her to the Circle at night since
    the recent debates.

    I definitely keep my chick at home at nights, he says lounging back on a park bench in the middle
    of the afternoon. "It's not fear I just believe in avoiding unnecessary trouble."

    * * *
    HE BLAMES the press for giving the area a bad name. “For most people," he said, "the Circle is just
    oasis, a chance to get away from the city buildings and traffic and stretch out on green grass
    under the trees.
    For Al Franklin, not a Black Power advocate, who says he "finds peace in the middle of the road," the
    leis an oasis of another kind.
    Franklin, 48, of 2026 Maryland Ave., NW, finds he can make atleast $50 on a weekend painting
    * * *
    THE ARTIST saysthat although he is not "a part of any movement" if there was a conflict between
    tes and blacks, he would "count himself with the black people."
    "And I would want to be in the front so if I got killed, my people could use my body as a rug to go on
    to victory.

    The Circle has been in a calmer mood for the past few days. The weather has been cooler.
    The nation-wide rebellions have stopped.
    COLORED AMATEUR rock and roll groups sing to the amusement of black and white spectators.
    Mixed couples stay later at night. The Black Power violent debates have turned into calmer

    But the angry black mood a still there. Whites still seem as if they walk on tip toe. Hippy bells still
    jingle a title softer.
    And the over-sized detachment of Park Police still patrol the pint-sized area, a site of tension in the
    ion’s capital.
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Wednesday 9 August 1967
    USA (CA)
    LOS ANGELES TIMES (page V-11) ‘Mamas and the Papas to Appear at Bowl’
    The Mamas and the Papas—Cass Elliot, John Philips, Michelle Gilliam and Denny Doherty—will appear
    Aug. 18 in concert at the Hollywood Bowl with
    the Jimi Hendrix Experience and other pop groups
    [the only other was Electric Flag who cancelled last minute and were not replaced. Ed.]

    Wednesday 9 (12) August 1967
    RECORD RETAILER (page 10) New Releases
    Burning Of The Midnight Lamp Jimi Hendrix. Track 604 007
    Artist’s Index
    HENDRIX, Jimi B
    (Page 13) Britain’s Top 40 Albums

    12-05-04. Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix Experience
    (Page 16
    TRACK’S LATEST signing, the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, (debut on the label with 'Devil's Grip'
    (604 008) on August 18. Under his new deal with
    Track, Tony Hall will be promoting the group.
    Decca has temporarily withdrawn its Jimi Hendrix disc with Curtis Knight'How Do You Feel'
    (F 22652).

    Wednesday 9 August 1967
    USA (DC)
    WASHINGTON DAILY NEWS (page?) [title?]
    Our own Ambassador — once dubbed the "Psychedelic Power and Light Co."— has decided to extend
    its weekend-only policy to Wednesday thru Sunday. Kicking off the new action — tonight — is
    something called the "
    Jimi Hendrix Experience." Hendrix, the hippie, will be whipping up a small
    storm until another report from the mentors of this psychedelic palace on Columbia Rd.

    Thursday 10 (12) August 1967
    DISC & MUSIC ECHO (page 3) Top Ten LPs
    12-05-04. Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix Experience
    01-NE-06. Piper At The Gates Of Dawn - Pink Floyd
    (Page 4)Hendrix withdrawn’
    DECCA have withdrawn the "mystery" single featuring Jimi Hendrix—only a week after announcing
    its release.

    The single, "How Would You Feel," made when Jimi was playing with an American group called
    Curtis Knight and
    the Squires, was scheduled for release tomorrow (Friday)—a week before Track
    Records issue
    Jimi's official new single "The Burning Of The Midnight Oil" [sic] (already
    receiving heavy airplay on
    Radio London).
    Decca refused to comment on the withdrawal, but a Polydor official, of which Track Records is a
    subsidiary, said:

    "We discovered by coincidence that the master of this record was bought from America by us 18
    months ago—and therefore Decca had no right to release it.

    "We have no plans for issuing the record ourselves."
    Jimi Hendrix Experience tops the bill at London's Saville Theatre on August 27, blasting off
    another series of Sunday concerts.

    Also on the bill are the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown and Tomorrow.
    Saville will have weekly concerts from August 27 until Christmas and continue the policy of booking
    only top-line artists.

    Jimi promotes his record on "Dee Time" (August 22) and "Top Of The Pops" (August 24).
    Tamla groups lined-up for the Saville this autumn include the Temptations on September 10, chart -
    stormer Stevie Wonder (October date to be fixed) and Jnr. Walker and the All Stars (October 15).

    (Page 6) ‘Saville stars’
    JIMI HENDRIX, Georgie Fame and Eric Burdon and the Animals have all been booked for
    Sunday concerts at London’s Saville Theatre.

    Jimi Hendrix tops the bill on August 27 (see story page 4).
    Georgie Fame and the Harry South Big Band appear on September 10. Cream are lined up for a
    concert in October.

    (Page 14) New York Dateline by Nancy Stewart
    . . .Jimi Hendrix Experience appearing at new discotheque in town, Salvation . . .
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Thursday 10 August 1967
    DOWN BEAT (# 16) (cover) [B&W photo Canned Heat on stage]
    festival issue ‘jazz at newport · rock at monterey’
    (Page 26) [B&W photo of Jimi on Monterey stage, w/ boa,Jimi Hendrix: The fire that time’]
    [title?] by Barry Hansen
    Flute Thing, once a change-of-pace trifle, has grown into a much-extended and beautiful mood piece,
    affording solo space for all instruments. The flute appeared to be connected to a tape echo, which was
    turned up and down with startling effect.

    spiritual Wake Me, Shake Me also came in for extended treatment, allowing long space for
    guitarist Danny Kalb. Kalb is very possibly the nation's fastest blues-rock guitarist, but his work is
    becoming slightly dated as other musicians move toward sparser lines, with greater emphasis on
    bending and on tone quality.

    Warwick canceled out at the last minute, and there was a double substitution. First came Big
    Brother and the Holding Company, repeating about half of its previous set; then a new group that
    apparently had no name, and not much sound either.

    Buffalo Springfield, a Los Angeles group with some moderate record successes, did a set of very tasty
    rock tunes, both soft and hard. They worked with four guitars, and if things got busy now and then, it
    did get a very nice sound with subtle blues licks added at strategie points in the choruses of decidedly
    non-blues tunes.

    Tommy Smothers, a startlingly awkward emcee on this night, then heralded the world's foremost
    exponents of creative destruction,
    the Who. Let it be said that this British group exceeded all
    expectations. Before the first number was over, drummer
    Keith Moon was ricocheting drumsticks
    high into the air and far into the audience; during the second piece he picked up his snare drum,
    stand and all, and tossed it over his shoulder.

    A couple of more tunes, and then My Generation brought the ultimate catharsis. One moment guitarist
    Peter Townshend was fretting his instrument with the mike stand; at the next he was swinging it
    wildly in every direction, clouting mikes, amps and anything else that got in the way. A
    Super Beatle
    shorted out and erupted in a spectacular cloud of smoke.
    Meanwhile, Townshend commenced to strike the stage murderouly with his guitar, chunks of which
    were soon flying everywhere. Drums were tossed around like beachballs, and stagehands scurried to
    rescue cherished equipment as pandemonium broke out. With all this, it mattered very little that the
    sound of the group's stage performance was ragged compared with the finesse of its records.

    The unenviable task of following this mighty circus was placed in the strong hands of the Grateful Dead,
    a curiously down-homey bunch that has become enshrined as the king group of West Coast acid-rock.
    It is a formidable outfit, with two of the coast's top freakout musicians, guitarist Jerry
    Garcia, and a
    bear like organist known only as Pigpen.

    The Dead’s shorter arrangements are brilliant, but its longer tunes have a habit of ending up in the
    same way. Uncontrolled cascades of notes over a sonic drone
    fbuilt up to the threshold of pain. Then,
    suddenly, everything stops and they go back to the beginning. Certainly mesmerises the freaks (which
    is what the Dead get paid for doing) but it's kind of a slipshod, lazy way to play music.

    Thoroughly shell-shocked by this time, the audience beheld Brian Jones (of the Rolling Stones)
    introduce another British group,
    the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Hendrix, virtually unknown here
    but a major record act in England, is a 19-year-old American Negro guitarist and singer who learned
    his trade touring with
    Little Richard and Joey Dee. After failing as a single artist in New York (under
    the name of
    Jimmie James), Hendrix was persuaded to go to England, where he was an
    instantaneous smash; his new album was second on the charts in England the week of the festival.

    This was the American debut of his English group and quite possibly the major event of the festival.
    Hendrix' roots are deep in blues and soul; yet he has learned all the best licks and tricks from the
    white blues and psychedelic guitarists:
    Bloomfield, Clapton, and all the rest—an unprecedented and
    very likely unbeatable combination. His tone and phrasing on the guitar, which he plays left-handed,
    are amazing.

    In addition, he uses the instrument as a prop for a dazzling repertoire of visual dramatics, playing the
    instrument only with his right (fretting) hand, twirling it around in the manner of
    Lightning Hopkins
    and other predecessors, playing with his teeth, and using it in a variety of postures that would make

    Bo Diddley
    The audience, a bit taken aback at first, cheered more loudly with each number, as he went through
    a pair of rock-blues originals, the cataclysmic
    Foxy Lady, Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone, and
    the blues evergreen
    Rock Me, Baby.
    The climax came with a lightly regarded rock tune of a year ago, Wild Thing. This had the audience
    screaming at every line before
    Hendrix even started his final coup de grace, a stage act that
    included an unprecedented variety of erotic dances, and finished with
    Hendrix setting his guitar on
    fire, then smashing it and throwing parts of it to the audience.

    If the Who had not done some of this before, there might well have been a riot. Hendrix’ act
    somehow had a much more personal, less mechanical feel to it, a spontaneous one-man revolution
    as opposed
    the Who's organized assault on the senses.
    The festival concluded, a bit anticlimactically but appropriately, with the group most responsible for
    its existence, the Mamas and the Papas. This was their first live performance in quite some time,
    and perhaps it wasn't their smoothest, but somehow their pretty songs seemed to stand, in that
    moment, for all the accomplishments and good vibrations of the whole pop scene, and it was very
    moving. We were left with a little glow in our hearts.

    A giant of a festival it was. By and large, the organizers chose acts from whom a great deal could be
    expected, and by and large they delivered. Some of the behind-the-scenes planning was regrettable,
    though. The fenced-off V.I.P. section was nowhere near large enough to accommodate all the festival
    performers, not to mention the invited press.

    Compounding this was the total unwillingness of the ushers to find any solution to the seating
    problem other than keeping people out. We watched as a member of one of Saturday afternoon's
    blues bands attempted to talk a gatekeeper into letting him in to see Sunday night's concert; the
    employee's response was to threaten to beat him up unless he went away. Only by schemes and
    intrigue were performers and reporters able to see the concerts—even with official passes.

    The sound system was the clearest and best-balanced we have encountered in a concert area of this
    size. The on-stage lighting was generally quite good, and did not conflict much with the light show.
    The emceeing was disorganized, and there was no attempt to explain or even mention that certain
    artists listed in the printed program did not appear.

    The townsfolk, including the police, treated the hippies remarkable well. We look forward to next
    year's edition—but we'll be a year older then, and hopefully producers Lou Adler and John Phillips
    will find us a place to sit down.
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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Thursday 10 (12) August 1967
    MELODY MAKER (page 2) Top Ten LPs
    08-04-04. Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Hendrix Back At The Saville’
    Jimi Hendrix Experience appear at London’s Saville Theatre on August 27 after their return from
    their extended tour of America. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown and Tomorrow are also on the bill.

    They play their last US date on August 18 at the Hollywood Bowl.
    Their next British single on the Track label “The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp” is released next
    Friday (18). The B side is “
    The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice.”
    The Hendrix single titled “How Would You Feel” which was due to be released by Decca on the
    same day has been temporarily withdrawn, a spokesman for the company told the MM on Monday.
    No reason was given.

    On September 3, Georgie Fame appears at the Saville with the Harry south Big Band and
    EricBurdon and the Animals and Denny Laine are at the theatre on September 10.
    Spencer hurt in US fall
    . . .During a two-day stay in New York Spencer toured the clubs with Noel Redding of the Jimi
    Hendrix Experience
    . . .
    (Page 4) The RAVER’S weekly tonic by Bob Dawbarn
    [...] Shades of Cream’s "Tales Of Brave Ulysses" in Hendrixnew single “Burning Of The
    Midnight Lamp
    " ...
    (Page 5)Dear Melody Maker, (Pete Townshend Writes From America)’
    WE have just left New York and are flying to Oregon for our first concert with Herman. I haven't
    seen Herman's own plane yet but have heard it's amazing — with "Herman's Hermits" and "
    The Who"
    painted in dayglo paint along the sides. We're all looking forward to the tour in general excepting a
    few crisis points we would rather avoid, like Dallas and Houston, etc. The New York groups have told
    us such amazing tales of the effect long hair has on shotgun carrying farmers there!

    Excuse for a minute while I gulp down some plastic soup. We also spent a very fruitful week at New
    York and covered a lot of ground. It's very easy to make friends quickly within your own circle in New
    York because the people are so clearly of one type or another.
    Al Kooper, who played with the Blues
    here has set his sights on London. He played on some tracks we made here and as a writer-
    A&R man-producer-organist he can sure move some earth. He has amazing looks;
    a Jewish Jimi
    The tracks were recorded at Talent masters Studio on 42nd Street which is run by Chris Huston —
    who used to play with the Undertakers from Liverpool (he's the blonde one). He has recorded some
    amazing stuff in his studio— "Groovin’," “Sock It To ‘Em J.B.,” "It's A Man's World" (James Brown).

    Anyway in L.A. KRLA, a very big station, are still going on "Happy Jack," "Pictures Of Lily" and a black
    market copy they got hold of somewhere of "Under My Thumb" which we did for
    the Stones. I
    should think over the past week another of the L.A. stations has played, everything we've ever
    recorded too. So reaction is warming up. They once played our whole album end to end without
    stopping —and due to the fantastic rapport between stations out here all the others are turning on to
    us too! So much so that in the "Best Group In The World” contest held by KWUB we came first. He
    He He!

    Also—also—also there is the fact that on large tours of the magnitude of the Herman tour each date
    is co-promoted always by the local radio station. This means that before you arrive to play they've
    been playing your records and plugging like mad in the previous weeks, to attempt to increase
    audience movement. As it happens the Herman tour is forecast to be the biggest tour since
    . Jimi Hendrix is fairly hot property here now — his new record is an amazing production
    feat — all kinds of speeded-up passages and some new, very un-guitar sounding sounds.

    There's a lot of talent here at the moment, and they're coming into line, too! Some beautiful groups
    are cutting tracks — the Moby Grape, Paupers, and the Doors, etc.

    Mother country watch out!
    [signed] Pete
    (Page 10) New POP Records
    Vanilla Fudge: “You Keep Me Hangin On”
    . . .The result is a Cream-Hendrix-type dynamite sound. . .
    (Page 14) Engagements Wanted
    [extra large ad]
    Brilliant, Young, Professional DRUMMER wishes to join Chicago/Hendrix style group who are able
    to supply proof of immediate engagement. PLEASE NO AMATEURS

    Thursday 10(12) August 1967
    RECORD MIRROR (page 4) Saville names

    SEVERAL new Sunday evening pop sessions have been confirmed for the West End's Saville Theatre.
    They include:
    August 27 - Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Tomorrow;
    September 3 -
    Georgie Fame and the Harry South Big Band and September 10 - Eric

    Burdon and The Animals and Denny Laine.
    (Page 11) Top [30] L.P.s4 Are You Experienced 5 Jimi Hendrix (Track)
    Britain’s Top [10] R&B Albums
    8 Are You Experienced 7 Jimi Hendrix (Track 604001)
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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Thursday 10 August 1967
    VARIETY(daily), page 7. ON THE MUSIC BEAT
    ‘See Mono Phased Out In 2 Years’ by Marvin Fisher
    Phasing out of monaural waxings has been proceeding faster than anticipated, and probably
    within two years, mono will be extinct, feels Stanley Gortikov, prexy of Capitol Records Distributing
    Corp. He reports that Cap at least will "eliminate from stock" its classical line long before the pop
    inventory, thus simplifying portion of the stereo market. Some places, he surmised, like Music City,
    have been hyping sale of mono platters via a dual purpose needle which sells for $1.98. In the end it
    will be the buyers who determine the fate of mono—and, in part . . . whether the merchandisers, who
    might "panic" and practically give away the product or simply "eat" it.

    * * *
    Steve Stills, leader of The Buffalo Springfield, reportedly is leaving the group this month . . .
    Guitarist Jimi Hendrix, who dropped out of The Monkees' tour of the midwest a couple of weeks ago,
    hasn't been heard from since.

    Thursday 10 August 1967
    USA (DC)
    WASHINGTON POST / TIMES-HERALD (page C10) [B&W photo of, ‘Les McCann. . . at free concert]
    McCann, Hines Play
    ‘1st Youth Concert Scheduled Today’
    Jazz performers who would command $10,000 a night as a concert package will play free today for
    youngsters in the Adams-Morgan area from 3 to 5 p.m.

    Pianists Les McCann and Earl (Fatha) llines will head the first of a scries of Youth Concerts sponsored
    jointly by local nightclub owners, the Adams-Morgan Community Council, and the D.C. Federation of

    The afternoon concert will be held in the 1300-capacity Ambassador Theater, at 18th Street and
    Columbia Road nw.

    Marty Emerson, executive secretary of the D.C. Federation of Musicians, said the appearance of
    McCann, Hines and The Family Album—a rock ‘n’ roll group—would “command $10,000 any night
    they played together."

    The Federation yesterday approved the musicians’ appearance in the concert after a conference with
    owners of clubs where the musicians are now appearing.

    Tony Taylor, owner of the Bohemian Caverns, when McCann is playing with his trio, helped set up the
    concert with Brooks Johnson, summer program director for the Adams-Morgan Council

    Also participating are the owners of the Cellar Door, where The Family is appearing, the Showboat,
    where Hines is playing, and the operators of the Ambassdor Theater, who are donating the use of the
    ditioned site.
    Johnson said yesterday that, if successful, the free programs will be held on a bi-monthly basis all
    winter "to pick up the slack" after all the summer programs end for the kids in Washington after Sept

    Johnson and the club owners plan to use headliners appearing in local clubs to stage subsequent
    concerts in other theaters in various sections of the city.

    If today's concert draws an especially large crowd, Johnson plans to hold two shows. Also appearing
    [in] the program are
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Matty Bumpo [sic. ‘Natty’] and the Paul
    Hawkins Latin Jazz Quintet.

    Emerson praised the program, saying that the Federation plans to participate actively in future
    concerts. "It's a lot better for us musicians to be throwing notes at the youngsters than having them
    throw rocks at us," Emerson said.

    Friday 11 August 1967
    USA (MA)
    BOSTON HERALDTRAVELLER (page 14) [very big B&W ad/feature with photos of ‘square’ DJ’s.
    6a.m. – 10 p.m.] WMEX good guys Presents The 15 and 10 [ie, top 25 singles. Ed.] Most Music

    01 (11) San Franciscan Nights Eric Burdon & the Animals
    02 (23) Ode To Billie Joe Bobby Gentry
    03 (02) All You Need Is Love The Beatles
    04 (01) Light My Fire The Doors
    05 (05) Heroes & Villians The Beach Boys
    06 (10) Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie Jay & the Techniques
    07 (03) My Mammy The Happenings
    08 (15) Reflections The Supremes
    09 (--) Come Back When You Grow Up Bobby Vee
    10 (13) More Love The Miracles
    11 (18) Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix
    12 (20) Funky Broadway Wilson Picket
    13 (--) You Know What I Mean The Turtles
    14 (19) Thank The Lord For The Nightime Neil Diamond
    15 (04) I Take It Back Sandy Posey
    16 (--) Pleasant Valley Sunday The Monkees
    17 (--) Ha Ha Said The Clown Yardbirds
    18 (--) Hypnotized Linda Jones
    19 (16) Run Run Run Third Rail
    20 (22) Baby I Love You Aretha Franklin
    21 (07) White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane
    22 (25) Fakin’ It Simon and Garfunkel
    23 (14) Society’s Child Janis Ian
    24 (24) Things I Should Have Said Grass Roots
    25 (17) Let The Good Times Roll Bunny Sigler
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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Friday 11 August 1967
    USA (MI)
    DETROIT FREE PRESS(page 6D) Teen Beat
    ‘Here’s Where The Action Is’ By Lorraine Alterman, Free Press Teen Writer
    . . .
    Jimi Hendrix does two shows at the Fifth Dimension in Ann Arbor Tuesday. . .

    Friday 11 August 1967
    Soon a
    new single from Jimi Hendrix will be released, entitled: "The Burning Of The Midnight
    ". The disc was recorded with Jimi's regular Experience, so with bass guitarist Noel Redding
    and drummer
    Mitch Miller [sic]. After a series of sessions in Los Angeles, the final recordings were
    made in the New York Atlantic studios. The
    disc has a sound that is more complex than that of the
    Experience recordings. Naturally.

    Friday 11 August 1967
    USA (CA)
    LOS ANGELES FREE PRESS (page 6) [B&W ad with ink cartoon of Mamas & Papas] The Mamas and
    The Papas,
    Jimi Hendrix Experience, Scott McKenzie + More To Come
    Hollywood Bowl, Friday August 18 8.30 p.m.
    Presented by The Hollywood Bowl & Sight and Sound Productions
    In association with KHJ Radio
    $6.00, $5.50, $5.00, $4.50, $3.50, $2.50, $1.50 at Hollywood Bowl, all offices Auto Club, Wallichs
    ic City Stores, all Mutual Agencies, all House of Sight & Sound Stores, HO 9-3151
    (Page 24) FRI., AUG. 18
    ROCK: “The Mamas and the Papas,” “The Jimi Hendrix Experience,” Scott McKenzie, 8:30,
    Hollywood Bowl, $6
    - $1.50 at all agencies

    Friday 11 (12) August 1967
    NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS (page 5?) Britain’s Top 15 LPs
    12-04-04. Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix (Track)
    01-NE-05. The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn - Pink Floyd

    Friday 11 August 1967
    USA (DC)
    WASHINGTON POST / TIMES-HERALD (page B2) [Photos by Harry Naltchayan—The Washington
    Post. One of , ‘The Paul Hawkins Latin Jazz Quintet gets into the groove’ the other, ‘ ... and
    youngsters from the Adams-Morgan area respond.’ (black children—a few dancing, and some

    ‘Jazz, Hippies Happen Together’ By Jacques R. Leslie (Washington Post Staff Writer):
    Jazz music and the psychedelic movement entered into a surprisingly successful combination
    yesterday when several jazz performers put on a free performance at the Ambassador Theater, 18th
    Street and Columbia Road nw.

    The audience consisted primarily of children, some only 5, from the Adams-Morgan area, but was
    dotted with hippies who came to see the Ambassador's light show.

    The afternoon concert was planned by local nightclub owners, the Adams-Morgan Community Council,
    and the D.C. Federation. The sponsors hope to keep the free shows running on a weekly basis in
    different parts of Washington. They pinned hopes for the organization of a regular series of concerts
    on the success of this first attempt

    At least 500 children, most of whom had never seen a light show before, jammed the first floor of
    the theater and appeared delighted with what they saw. Most of them sat on the floor of the seatless
    auditorium and watched the performers, but at least 100 of them danced and skipped under a
    blinking strobe light at the rear of the arena as the music played.

    The Family Album, Les McCann Ltd., Donald Lease, the Paul Hawkins Latin Jazz Quintet and theJimi
    Hendrix Experience
    At the same time globular, pulsating patterns, enlarging and contrasting faces and abstract
    silhouettes shone from the walls of the auditorium.

    "I think it's dynamite," said Spencer Davis, 16 [no relation. Ed.]. "They ought to give the hippies
    more of a chance to do this sort of thing. They're all right."

    The performers also appeared pleased with the lighting effects. Jazz pianist Les McCann said he saw
    no clash between the music he plays and the psychedelic music which usually accompaines the lights.
    "It's all music," he said.

    (Page B11) [B&W photo] JIMI HENDRIX is the leader of a rock trio that calls itself "The Jimi
    Hendrix Experience
    ." The group is appearing at the Ambassador Theater on 18th Street tonight
    and Saturday.
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    Re: 1967 August Newspaper & Magazine Articles (Text Only)

    Friday 11(19) August 1967
    BILLBOARD (page 8) ‘Salvation, Village Discotheque, Opens’
    New York— The Salvation, formerly the Village’s Downtown, opened to a capacity crowd of some 250
    Tuesday (8). The discotheque, draped in psychedelic lighting and sound, featured
    the Jimi Hendrix
    in a special appearance for the club’s opening.
    The latest offering to Village nightlife has a sunken dance floor that can accommodate 150 persons,
    and a balcony area with tables. A bar is located behind two way mirrors and disks are played between
    the acts. The lighting was prepared by Joshua W. White of Senefex Inc., and the operation is managed
    by Bradley Pierce, former manager of
    Ondineand Lincoln Center’s Opera Restaurant
    (Page 28)Hot 100
    ‘Bubbling Under’
    109 ‘Purple Haze’ Jimi Hendrix Experience
    (Page 39) [full page colour ad] ‘YOUTHQUAKE!’ [in ‘shaking’ text]
    The Tokens—It’s A Happening World; The Beau Brummels—Triangle; The Live Kinks; The Electric
    Prunes—Underground; The Jim Kweskin Jug Band—Garden of Joy;
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience —
    Are You Experienced
    . ‘Turn on Tune In’ ‘Chart Imperatives From [Warner/Reprise logos here]’
    (Page 58) The Jimi Hendrix Experience makes it’s first Michigan Appearance at the Fifth
    Dimension in Ann Arbor Tuesday (15) by Lorraine Alterman

    (Page 66) International Exchange
    Jimi Hendrix album —“Are You Experienced?” and “Best of Troggs” mono only… any British
    album airmailed…Record Centre Ltd.

    Friday 11(19) August 1967
    CASH BOX (page 10) Radio Active Chart
    % of stations adding titles to prog. sched. this week
    15% Purple Haze—Jimi HendrixReprise
    (Page 27) New Chart Additions
    New Top 100 Albums
    139 Are You Experienced? Jimi Hendrix Experience
    (Reprise R/RS 6261)
    (Page 28)Record Ramblings
    [B&W JHE photo, ‘Jimi Hendrix Experience] NEW YORK Salvation opened (officially) last Tues. with
    Jimi Hendrix
    as the featured performer, although he didn't go on until (approx.) 2 am Wed. The gala
    opening saw the attendance of all kinds of notables many of which were sporting Huckleberry tatoos
    (the kind that dabs on with water and stays for days). The club will feature records instead of live acts
    from now on, according to word we have received.

    (Page 30) Looking Ahead
    Records showing signs of breaking into the Cashbox 100
    17. Purple Haze—Jimi Hendrix—(Reprise 0597)
    (Sea Lark—BMI)
    NEW YORK—One of the most aptly named groups on the modern blues-rock scene, the Jimi Hendrix
    , closed their New York stay with a frantic set at Salvation marking the night spot's
    opening last Tuesday (8).

    Titling the team "Experience" is appropriate because that is exactly what their shows are. The act is
    enthralling on records, as may be witnessed by the rapid reception given
    "Are You Experienced?,"
    the trio's first American release LP on Reprise; but even more engrossing in person.

    Music aside, and that is hardly the way it effects audiences, the act is really something to behold.
    himself is not satisfied to perform as one of the finest blues guitarists on the current scene,
    and he goes to great lengths to prove his capabilities by carrying on in a number of contorted
    positions losing none of his artistry, and even (at one point in the act) by picking a melody with his
    teeth or his toes.

    Visually exciting, audially a delight, the Jimi Hendrix Experience proved a worthy talent to mark
    the premiere to the public of Salvation.

    (Page 42) [B&W photo of LP art] ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? — Jimi HendrixExperience—Reprise
    R/RS 6261

    A recent entry into the field of psychedelic music is the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The group really
    wails on this LP, in a presentation of some freaky, far-out sounds. The selections include "
    ," "Love Or Confusion," "The Wind Cries Mary," and "Third Stone From The Sun." The
    disk should gain a host of new followers for the group.

    (Page 52) Salvation Opens To Army Of Mixed & Matched Folk’
    NEW YORK — After three weeks of previews. Greenwich Village's newest dance-o-rama. Salvation,
    last week (8) opened its doors to a throng that ranged from the conservative to the absurd.

    Costumes ranging from business suits, and mild sports outfits to flowing capes, long psychedelic
    gowns and microscopic mini-skirts covered or uncovered the guests and visitors on hand to witness
    the first night doings at Salvation.

    In addition to the regular discotheque show on the dance floor, festivities were highlighted by a one-
    night performance by
    the Jimi Hendrix Experience (see the Talent on Stage section). Live
    entertainment began at 1 am and is currently being considered for future regularity by the
    management. No live show is now booked for the night spot.

    In itself, the room is a unique combination of much that is good in a disco and much that is new.
    The spot features glittering "light shows" made up of a multicolored rainbow effect produced by
    spotlights reflected off sequined prism globes; flashing lights controlled at a master panel; blaring
    music taken from current and old hits: a layout that is masterful and an intimate section lending
    distinction to the club.

    Behind the triple-tiered main room is a glass enclosed area separated from the front room by two-
    way mirrors. Here, viewers are offered a panoramic view of the seats, stage and dance floor with a
    reduced-volume sampling of the music.

    Down front are semicircular seating rows arranged to center the dance area (sunken below floor level)
    and the elevated stage. Moire patterned tables and vari-colored cushions add to the unusual outlook
    of the place.

    Opening celebration was sparked by a tattoo party in which contemporary design, colorful temporary
    tattoos were provided for the guests.

    Currently running on an 8 pm to 4 pm schedule, the Salvation is located at 1 Sheridan Square.
    (Page 58) Great Britain
    British Decca has temporarily suspended the release of the Jimi Hendrix single "How Would You
    " originally scheduled for 11th August. We don't know how Hendrixfeels, but the decision
    comes hard on the heels of the American ban resulting on his withdrawal from the Monkees' tour.